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Travel 2-day tour guide

2018-03-20 11:12:22

Two-day tour, objectively speaking, the trip is a little hasty, after all, there are countless attractions, then you have to go to some of the most distinctive places, happy is the most important.


Go directly to Lushan Mountain, take a look at the "true face of Lushan Mountain", Lushan Mountain is the most characteristic mature scenic spot, the surrounding supporting leisure and entertainment is particularly perfect.


First stop: Old Villa story. There are villas built in more than 20 countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, you can see the spark of the collision of different cultures.


There are also all kinds of historical famous deeds, to remember and admire. At the same time, the scenery around the house is beautiful, and the roads are paved with traffic, even if it is good to enjoy the scenery.


The second station pavilion: located on the Lushan Scissors Gorge, steep and abrupt, pavilion top shape like an umbrella, the bottom end like a table, chic and elegant and spectacular. Because the pavilion is surrounded by mountains, the north is open, and the mouth of the valley just becomes the best place to look at the Yangtze River from afar, so the name is given.


Around the pavilion is decorated with various horticultural flowers and trees, looking at the distant mountains here, there is a sense of "a list of small mountains", and the depression in the heart has become seemingly non-existent.


After visiting these two attractions, basically the first day has passed, you can find a nearby inn, raise your spirit, and prepare for the next day's travel.


The next day, go directly to the White Deer Academy: The academy was built in the Southern Tang Dynasty and is the first of the four major academies in China. The cultural atmosphere is strong, and the historical precipitation has a long history.


The architecture of the college is simple and vicissitudes of life, and has a unique style. There are various antique character moments, as well as humanistic biographies of ancient scholars, which are worth savoring.