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Travel - A few things you must know

2018-03-01 16:00:00

I set out to travel in early July 2017, and I will summarize the travel strategy as follows






I am from the departure, free travel, take the bullet train, there is a direct train to the north, but because I did not make a reservation in advance, I found that I could not book the bullet train ticket, there is no way, can only transfer to the north, and then from the north to the bullet train to the north, the direct train to the north only two periods, but from the north to the north there are many, it is recommended to choose this mode of travel, no need to leave the station after the north, you can directly transfer


After going to the north, because I booked the wine online there are transfers, so do not take a bus, there are a lot of wine, I do not recommend, wine is very cheap, normal 100-200 can book a very good wine, but not on the oh, only at the foot, on the spill is very expensive. Another scenic spot is in, if your trip is not urgent, you can live in the north first, and then go to the old street for a stroll, or you can have a look.


Good food, a little bit, hairy tofu, for the Hokkien, it feels like this. It is very smelly salmon can try, previously thought to be like stinky tofu, but completely odorless, taste is very good. I'm staying at Jasmine Wine, very good, 100 yuan a night but it's like a 4-star wine here, very nice, on order. In the evening, friends invited dinner next door, listened to the opera, and tasted the food


Then go to (), you can take a taxi, or call the express to the station, and 20 yuan can sit there. Wine has recommended things you need to take up the mountain, and if you have plans to go somewhere else to play, it is recommended to go first, because you will never have the strength to go somewhere else after climbing, believe me, it is not a small hill. I can't go anywhere else to play because I don't think so.


The temperature is relatively low, and the wind is also strong, it is recommended to bring a long-sleeved coat, and must have a hiking crutch, too useful. At that time, wine Jianyi with a local group, not expensive, 400-500 yuan, called small home. I am very glad to report the group, because the intersection is very much, there is no local guide, can not tell the difference between east and west north and south, 1860 meters above sea level, I played a day, and did not play all. And the stuff on the mountain is very expensive, 60 yuan for a bowl of beef noodles, so you know, there's no hot water


After playing, feel the foot is not their own, insist on the night to soak, is said to be pure natural, not artificial. Because I have my own swimsuit before, bought a ticket on the bubble is still very HAPPY, because I can't see any scenery at night, is outside the city, but there are at least 20 kinds of, or good


When I got up the next day, I could not move at all, all the trips were deleted, and my feet were very sore just because I moved them. I took a long rest and headed home

Matters needing attention

Want to soak, drift remember to bring your own swimsuit, must be fitted with sneakers, clothing to light sportswear is best, in addition to bring a coat. The rest of the foot is basically available