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Travel accommodation guide

2018-03-12 20:48:00

It is a modern metropolis, but there is an indelible simplicity and nostalgia in the heart, leisurely walking in the gradually less to the alley, into the steaming meat, that is the real. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the accommodation guideline for traveling.


If you are a young person, of course, in the accommodation of cheap hostel, because here gathered and even all over the world travel enthusiasts, you can talk about their travel anecdotes together at night, experience different customs and customs. And the price is relatively cost-effective, single bed is basically 50 yuan -100 yuan.


There is also a choice of homestays. A homestay, by definition, is a residence for local residents. This point is also divided into renting the whole house and renting one of the rooms, the former is renting the whole house, the latter is renting one of the rooms.


The advantages of homestay: In accordance with the standard, homestay is divided into ordinary family types and old style types, some of which are completely old Siheyuan rooms, very distinctive, the room is also beautiful.


Hosts will usually tell you how to get to their house, some will pick you up in a car, or take you to a special breakfast, and some will even tell you where the fun is and where the food is authentic. The price is cheaper than wine and slightly higher than the average hostel.


Several people living + whole house or single room + house area location etc. If so, it is recommended to choose the area between the front door or the area, the second ring is the best, if you can walk to the subway, it is very good, and the travel will be a lot more convenient. If you want to rent a house, be sure to check with the landlord first if he has any available rooms for the time of your stay.


Whether you choose a general hostel, or wine, or a B&B, the geographical location must pay attention to the best third ring, walk within 1 minute to the subway, or there are many buses, so that at least you can ensure that the few days of travel will not be limited.


Before booking, be sure to read the reviews, see the picture, especially the wine to see the rating. It's a little bit safer. The door must be locked when you live in wine, if you live by yourself, try not to receive wine at night. Finally, I wish you all a good time.