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2018-03-03 12:48:00

In order to commemorate the beautiful, in order to meet each other the most beautiful, in order to leave a good memory for themselves, say that two people are not suitable, when hesitating, go to travel, the journey will give you unexpected harvest, all take some time to write down the real travel notes at that time, hope to travel lovers a little reference......


1. [Wuzhizhou Island] Wuzhizhou Island is also called "Lover Island", where the sand is uniform and delicate, the color of the sea is bright and moving, and the layers are distinct. The beautiful natural scenery of the island, where there are very distinctive all kinds of holiday villas, wooden houses and bars, tennis courts, seafood restaurants and other supporting facilities, bring you primitive, quiet, romantic and dynamic fashion leisure experience. 2.【 Nanwan Monkey Island 】 Nanwan Monkey Island scenic area has four seasons of green trees, beautiful and charming scenery, the most distinctive clean and charming beach, charming coconut trees, natural beach with white waves, and colorful coral reefs; 3.【 Riyue Bay 】 The beach of the bay is white and soft, the sea is sometimes calm and sometimes surging, the water is blue and clear, suitable for swimming, it is a natural bathing place, but also the international surfing base, because it has just been developed, few visitors, special quiet. And the arrangement here is a self-help tour only mother bear outdoor in the arrangement, and finally we chose the self-help tour organized by mother bear. 4. 【 Asian Beach Walk 】 Asia has a pleasant climate, winter can avoid the cold, summer can reduce the heat, natural scenery is beautiful, rolling, the bay waves are calm, the blue water is as clear as a mirror, the soft beach is as white as silver. Return do not look at the sea, except for the dragon is not the bay "This is visitors to Asia heartfelt praise. 5. [Cape] -- the vicissitudes of relegation culture. Witness the palace of love in the century, feel the honor and loss of life... . 6.【 Yanoda Tropical Rain Forest 】 Yanoda Tropical rain Forest Scenic spot is the only real tropical rain forest located at 18 degrees north latitude in China. It is the concentration of the five tropical rain forests on the island, and it is the most valuable tropical rain forest Expo hall, which can be called China's diamond rainforest scenic spot.


(Day 1) 1. Arrival (Day 2) 2. Riyue Bay, Monkey Island Monkey Island is a particularly suitable place for the elderly and children, here is a miniature monkey society, you can not experience the fun without heart. Nanwan Monkey Island is located in Nanwan Peninsula, about 14 kilometers south of the province and county, surrounded by the sea on three sides, is the only island type macaque nature reserve in China and the world. There are nearly 400 species of tropical plants and nearly 100 species of animals on the island. The primitive natural environment and more than 2500 national class II protected animals macaque, so people call it "Monkey island". Take a boat to leave Monkey Island ~ to our dream of Riyue Bay Riyue Bay sea and beach is very clean, very beautiful, it is not very hot, began to take photos, or to remember. After a while, the sky cleared up, the mood was good, and began to take photos. We played on the beach for a while and took a lot of photos. It was almost time to go to the beach. We followed the beach all the way west. The farther west there were fewer people, the better the beach, and the water was clear. Day 3) 3. Sunrise in Riyue Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, Asia came early, everything is ready, ready to go to the beach to take a few photos, just to see the most beautiful sunrise, there are not many good people, the sun has not yet come out, I take a picture at the beach first, Riyue Bay sea is very clean, the sand is very fine, the sky is very blue, found that we came earlier, I want to see the sunrise on the sea, Because there is so much beauty on the Internet, I am looking forward to..... The sun slowly rose, completely absorbed by the scene..... Wuzhizhou Island, also known as Lover's Island, is a perfect place for wedding honeymooners. It is located in the ministry of the bay, the north and south Bay Monkey Island far opposite, the south is known as the world's first bay of Asia. Wuzhizhou Island is 2.7 kilometers from the coastline, an area of 1.48 square kilometers, in the shape of an irregular butterfly, 1,400 meters long from east to west, 1,100 meters wide from north to south. 30 km from the city, 38 km from the airport, close to the highway. I specially booked from the mother Bear network, including door-to-door transfer, read comments that other tour groups have to go tax-free, I have to get up early in the morning, prefer this door-to-door transfer, and do not want to waste time tax-free, just went to Japan a while ago, bought a lot of things, and the tax exemption is only a little cheaper than the market, far worse than the Pudong airport duty-free. Have to say, a little regret did not book a night of wine in Wuzhizhou Island, because this large island ship, people open and particularly slow, the cabin is stuffy, I am very unfortunately seasick, if you live one night, wine is responsible for transport, more than 1,000 a night, get rid of traffic tickets these are still not expensive, the key is that will not seasick! Off the ship, the feet are not stable, dizzy, nausea, there is no interest in any play, when the intestines are regretful feeling. View the sea corridor, very beautiful sea oh!! It's blue. It's prettier than Big! To Wuzhizhou Island, the weather is not bad, anyway not very sun, very comfortable........... As Wuzhizhou Island is known as the best place for scuba diving, the water is clear and visibility is high. Try it. Diving costs are divided into coral reef fort diving, classic diving and snorkeling, etc., the price ranges from 400 to 900. In addition, there are motor boats, speedboats, water parachutes, paddling, banana boats, flying fish boats and other entertainment projects, you can choose according to personal preferences. Cape Cape at the foot of Maling Mountain, behind is majestic, in front of the vast sea, is indeed a unique scenery. Here, there are a pair of blue gray boulders rising from the ground, the two stones are engraved with the words "" and" cape ", meaning the edge of the sky, the end of the sea, "Cape" is named from. I do not know if anyone has paid attention to the fifth set of RMB two yuan banknotes behind, is the boulder "South Heaven a pillar". There are a lot of people visiting the cape, it seems that most of them are with the group, the guide has been introducing about the culture here...... Fortunately, we are participating in the outdoor mother bear, more free, we are more quiet, took a quiet place less people began to take photos.


What should be prepared? 1, the sun is very beautiful, the beach is also beautiful, but remember to do a good job of sun protection. Sunscreen with SPF30 or above is a must, and you can wear post-sun calming lotion, moisturizing spray, whitening mask, etc. Shampoo and conditioner are also essential. The sea water is very bad for hair, if the wine supply can not meet your requirements, you can bring your own. 2, must be to go to the sea, swimsuits, swimming glasses, earplugs should be prepared. For more clothes (day and night temperature difference, long sleeves must be brought), sun umbrella, sun hat, sunglasses, beach slippers should also be brought. 3. Drugs should also be prepared. Anti-allergy medicine, cold medicine, antidiarrheal medicine, painkiller, Band-aid, eye drops, disinfectant cotton balls, etc. Also, eat seafood, bring some floxacin and berberine or bezoar detoxification tablets. Camera and charger, don't forget. Bring your walkman, pen and paper, and prepare a little of your favorite snacks and food. 4, and the most critical point, remember to bring enough cash, in addition to accommodation, big shopping malls, credit cards are difficult to use, ATM is not too much. Go out must bring goods (list) passenger ID card, ticket; Cash (bring extra, cash is usually used except for accommodation); A credit card. Recommendation: SPD card, do not charge different places and inter-bank fees; (Don't forget to pay before departure), and charger, DV and charger; If it is DC, to bring a large capacity of memory card, it is recommended to bring a 512 Megabyte SD card, not full memory card do not come back; Alternative clothing and swimsuits; Carry a small bag that can be carried in front of your body, and a wallet and purse that can be placed in it, and carry it with you to prevent theft. Don't carry too much cash. Keep it in several separate cards. Paper; Pen; You can document some tools; Drugs: anti-allergy drugs; Antidiarrheal drugs; Cold medicine; Painkillers; Bundy; Sterilized cotton balls, etc.; Sunglasses, visor, recommended: where there are a lot of Peugeot hats to sell, you can go and buy again; Uv protection umbrella (many wine also have their own umbrella, you can also not bring); Tools for girls who love beauty: high SPF sunscreen (recommended: New bee SPF30), after sun calming repair lotion, moisturizing spray, whitening night cream, whitening mask, makeup remover, wet wipes, feminine products, hair shampoo; Hair care essence (essential, sea water is very damaging hair, wine supply is not very suitable for everyone's hair); Prepare a travel bag ELLE (preferably collapsible cloth, good to take when not in use) standby, I believe you will be able to use when you come back. Note: For contact lenses, many friends are not, but if you are myopic, and want to see beautiful men in the swimming body and underwater beautiful scenery, it is best to buy a pair, it is not recommended to use goggles and sunglasses with myopia lenses.