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Travel guide.

2018-04-05 17:36:06

Best time to visit: There are four seasons to visit. If it is from July to September, the local often accompanied by typhoons, it is best to pay attention to weather changes. Where: In provinces and cities. Interesting attractions: Jiangxin Island, Yandang Mountain, Ziliao River, Music Park, Nanxi River, zoo, beach side. In the territory of rich natural landscape, numerous Xiushui, known as the "East water A world" reputation. It is the birthplace of Chinese landscape poetry. Xie Lingyun, Wang Xizhi, Qiu Chi and so on all served as county governors successively. China is the hometown of the Southern Opera. In the mid-14th century, the Story of the Pipa written by a famous playwright was translated into many languages and spread widely in the world. There are many famous people, ancient "four spirits", Liu Ji, modern Sun Yirang, Xia Nai, Xia Chengtao, Su Buqing and so on. With its flourishing culture and numerous historical sites, it is "the hometown of 100 workers", "the hometown of opera", "the capital of song and dance", and "the famous city of painting and calligraphy". Recommended gameplay: Mountain crossing tour "the best in the world" Yandang Mountain (world Geopark, national 5a tourist scenic spot), "the world's first water" Nanxi River (World Geopark, national key scenic area), "Sea, one hundred islands", Jiangxin Island, the island of Chinese poetry. Urban day Tour → Jiangxin Island → Economic exploration tour or urban shopping, night market Yaoxi → Economic exploration or urban shopping, night market Zeya → Paradise economic exploration or urban shopping, night market Yandang scenery two-day tour at noon pick up the group → Lingfeng → Lingyan → Night view night view → Zhong Folding Waterfall → Ling → Return to end a pleasant journey Scenery two-day tour D1: morning: Yaoxi Scenic Area, visit Zhong Xiuyuan Scenic area, Yaoxi Long Scenic Area, Jinzhong Waterfall Scenic Area Afternoon: Yongqiang Levee, Fortress Hill, Lingkun Seafood Farm, taste Lingkun seafood D2: Morning: Bao, Zhang Lun Ancestral Hall Afternoon: Agricultural Tourism Park, Li Wang Jian Rural ecological Scenic spot Food: The food is delicious, light, elegant known, outsiders are to people can eat, will eat the gimmick to taste all kinds of food. The following are some famous dishes, snacks and food recommendations: Accommodation: urban areas and major tourist attractions supporting service facilities are complete, the existing star-rated rice 100, of which more than four star rice 22, green tourism rice 30.