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2018-02-18 12:48:00

Yes, it has more than six thousand five hundred years of history, the temple fair in February, the Lotus Festival in July, are the most visited period, the county is divided into Dongguan, Xiguan, today Xiaoguo Sen will give you to share what delicious, fun place

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Dongguan, is the best place to enjoy the lotus by boat, some lotus flowers in July are in bud, some open and touching, sitting by the lake to enjoy the lotus, tasting the specialty "lotus leaf tea", is really pleasant, in addition to the lotus in Dongguan, there are people's park, lotus cultivation base are good places to take photos, beautiful


East of the bridge Chenchu Street contains supermarkets, wine, restaurants, leisure and entertainment places, so that tourists come to eat convenient, convenient to live, east of 2015 water park, "mythology park", is a good place for tourists to relax in summer entertainment


Tourists will generally get off at Xiguan station, located in Xiguan is the Runde shopping mall, gathering supermarkets, clothing, food, entertainment, wine as one of the big shopping mall, whether from the Runde gate to the west or to the east, are prosperity Street, filled with clothing, department stores, snacks, etc., is the favorite of the beautiful women who love shopping


In the north of Runde is a snack street, there are all kinds of barbecue, cold dishes and snacks, etc. in the evening, the lights are bright, people come and go, an endless stream, and in the evening in the west of Runde Chenzhou Road will have a night market, there are many mobile stalls, selling clothes, jewelry, snacks, etc., you can come here like shopping at night

Xiange Platform is located on Xiange Lake, also known as the sage Temple, Confucius once lived here for four years, Xiange Platform has a famous academy "Xiange Academy", was once the most famous academy in ancient times, later people in order to commemorate Confucius built Xiange platform, it commemorates the original Confucius on the cause and spirit of persistence


Taihao Mausoleum Fuxi Temple, drawing trigram is a famous tourist attraction, because Taihao Mausoleum is the tomb temple of the ancestor of the humanities, known as the first tomb in the world, whenever the temple fair in the second month of the lunar calendar, to the third month of the lunar calendar, lasting a month, tourists from all over the world will come to play, is the most lively month


In the street, the specialty "mud dog" "cloth tiger" can be seen everywhere, symbolizing the folk art, many tourists will keep as a memorial, in addition to these specialties there are "daylily", "fried cabbage" and other famous dishes

Matters needing attention

Is a very beautiful place, little Gosen also only said a few, welcome to share more beautiful scenery


These are just the opinions of Little Gossen.