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2018-02-23 01:36:00

Beautiful Do you want to enjoy the tropical scenery? Would you like to see the four seasons in bloom? Would you like to smell the fruit? Follow out of the tourist Xiaobian to go to the beautiful bar, meet your wishes. The land in the world with the same latitude belt is basically occupied by savannas and deserts, forming a "return to the desert belt", but it is the only tropical rainforest in China, this oasis is like a bright emerald, embedded in this "return to the desert belt". The vibrant tropical rain forest not only grows a variety of strange plants, there is a thrilling strangling phenomenon, but also nurtures beautiful peacocks, elephants with long noses, flowers bloom all seasons, fruits are everywhere, and gentle and kind Dai girls, all of which have been endowed by the creator with beauty. Dai Garden Dai Garden is located in the province of olive Bar, scenic spot within China's best preserved five Dai natural villages. There are seven main attractions inside: Welcome Square: Welcome visitors into the Dai Garden for Dai etiquette. Mansong Ancient Buddhist Temple: With a history of more than 1,400 years, it is one of the oldest Buddhist temples and mainly showcases Buddhist cultural activities such as 赕佛, sutra chanting and Buddha worship. Dai village visit: mainly to show the tourists the Dai folk houses, courtyard scenery, experience the Dai family customs, feel the fun of life to do a day of Dai. Riverside activity area: a large-scale festival activity area for villagers, which is used for folk activities such as elevating, burning Kongming lanterns, and cockfighting. Shopping area: selling Dai barbecue, weaving cotton, folk crafts, Dai bags, wood carving art, etc., tasting Banna famous tea tea ceremony appreciation, taste the Dai characteristics of the flavor restaurant. Water splashing Square: The main activity area of the scenic spot, a large open-air theater with 100 professional water splashing teams held every day. Dai Natural Village in the park: large-scale water splashing activities, allowing tourists to directly participate in the fun of the daily water-splashing festival and feel the warm scene of the Dai water-splashing Festival. Open-air theater: In the form of song and dance, it truly and accurately reflects the essence of Dai traditional culture, reproduces the historical origin of Dai king's marriage invitation, and reflects the Dai family's living customs. More than 100 actors and actresses are on a grand scale and the scene is spectacular. Tropical Flower Garden Tropical flower garden is divided into hundred grass park, palm plant area, tree lawn area, fruit tree area and economic plant area, there are nearly 1000 varieties of flowers and economic plants in the park. The tropical Flower garden mainly embodies the four major themes of tropical plants and flowers, tropical rubber and tropical fruits, and Zhou Premier Monument Group cultural relics area. At present, the scenic spots open are leaf garden, tree lawn area, Zhou Premier monument, tropical palm area, sky garden, fish watching, tropical fruit germplasm garden, five trees and six gardens, science and technology exhibition hall, Brazil rubber seed bank and other scenic spots. The legend of the bamboo house of the Dai family is far away in ancient times, there was a brave and kind young man named Paya Sangmusi, who wanted to build a house for the Dai people so that they would no longer live in the wild. But he tried several times, and they all failed. One day, when it was raining heavily, he saw a little dog lying on the ground. The rain was so heavy that it ran down the dense fur of the dog that he was inspired to build a sloping shack. Later, flying, repeatedly spread his wings to him, let him build the roof ridge into a hermitage, and then in a high and independent posture to Payasamuti, let him build the house into a two-story tower. Paya Samuti in accordance with the will of the Dai built a beautiful bamboo house. Later, it was passed down from generation to generation and became a beautiful and distinctive Dai bamboo house. Now, this legend is still spread in the mouth of the Dai. Peacock Lake Peacock Lake, also known as "Dashahe reservoir", is located in the northwest of the city, 38 kilometers away from the urban area, is an artificial lake. The city is a star city in China rising in the coastal open area of the Pearl River Delta, close to and adjacent to Hong Kong. It is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the hometown of architecture, the hometown of art and the hometown of watchtower. Peacock Lake is surrounded by mountains and shaded by trees; The lake is clear as a mirror, the green waves are boundless; There are lakes in the mountains, mountains in the lakes, people are talking about the "nine cows playing in the water", the legendary "champion mountain", the lifelike "beauty spinning wheel", and the "underwater town". A visitor tells you a few things you have to do (when the time is right, you must do it) : participate in a water-splashing festival, go through an air corridor, go into a Dai village, and lie down in a big tree hotel.