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2018-03-03 16:00:00

The biggest cost of holiday travel is accommodation and transportation to and from the hotel, followed by play, dining and local transportation.


The biggest cost of holiday travel is accommodation and transportation to and from the hotel, followed by play, dining and local transportation. 1, round trip transportation ticket I have bought a minimum of more than 500 yuan. Although we went in March this time, the Spring Festival peak season has just passed, and the price has not come down completely. I looked at the price of the same period, almost direct flight round trip is about 1500 yuan. The lowest fare is particularly early departure time, need to get up very early, which is more painful. Our departure time is 11:40 noon, the time is suitable, one-way fare more than 1000. In fact, the price of air tickets fluctuates very much, generally from January to the Spring Festival after ten days of this period of ticket is the most expensive, sometimes almost full price, but miss this period of time ticket prices will fall very badly, and this time the temperature is still very suitable, people are relatively few, the price of wine is also a lot cheaper, in fact, the most suitable for travel. Therefore, the arrangement of travel time is particularly important, and it is better to miss this time, even if you ask for a few days off, to use less than half the price, to enjoy a more peaceful and romantic holiday, it is not better?


2, accommodation holiday travel is of course five-star or the same grade of luxury holiday wine, is there any other choice? Wine is, of course, booked online, in a variety of locations, types, and prices. Nowadays, there are many wine booking websites, and the price, facilities, service and evaluation of each wine are open and transparent, so it is basically in line with the universal truth that you get what you pay for. But for the same price, there are some differences between five Star wines. The characteristics of Asia is quiet, private, the price is mainly here, but the traffic is slightly inconvenient, but it is very easy to solve, rent a car to solve the problem. Of course, it is quieter and more private, because of the new development, the wine facilities are more high-end, but the traffic is too inconvenient, suitable for pure fake, high consumption, if you want to go to other attractions or urban areas these days, it is not suitable. {big} and {bay} near the city five-star wine is not much, a lot of four-star wine, the sea view can also be, but the facilities are not good, and it is really more noisy. In fact, some resorts and holiday wine in the west of the bay away from the urban area are good, very quiet, the scenery is also beautiful, and the transportation is convenient, especially to {West Island}, {cape}, sea Guanyin, {temple} and {size Dongtian}, but more convenient, can also be considered. The hotel we lived in this time is generally good, although the room and breakfast are general, but the wine is very high-end, complete facilities, senior garden view room 1000 yuan, you can add 100-200 yuan to upgrade the sea view room.


3, and now play a new trick, actually make up non-existent fruit bright eyes to fool. For example, the milk papaya is now popular on the street. Small traders in the papaya skin scraping will have milky juice out, this is called milk papaya, 20-30 yuan per catty. In fact, all papaya leaves white juice when you scrape the skin. If you come across a similar breed that you haven't heard of, be sure to grab it first. Self-driving cars often encounter roadside vendors selling fruit, do not think cheap, this is specifically sold to driving tourists, because there is a car to buy things is convenient, will buy a lot, this roadside stalls the most black, even if the price looks not expensive, the shortage of weight is extremely serious, a catty to half catty to six two that is a common thing. Buy fruit or go to the downtown fruit or supermarket, found cheated, timely complaints, police. The tourist market is well regulated, but it is impossible to get to the itinerant small traders and the numerous suburban roadside illegalities. 4, if you drive or rent a car, it will save a lot of trouble, if chartered then 5 car, including the driver of at least 300-400 yuan a day, those who do not operate the qualification of the black car and some illegal taxi to attract guests at a low price, 100 yuan a day or even lower, do not think about it will certainly take you to consume, eat, shopping and so on, The wool comes out of the sheep, and there are high rebates for all recommended purchases.


4 The latest anti-slaughter guide This is the most encountered, that is, everywhere, walking, eating will be stuffed into your hand illegal tourist leaflets. It is printed with the names of regular large travel agencies such as China Tourism and CYts, the price looks very cheap, and the activity arrangement is very attractive. Even online bookings for this kind of day trip are all over the place, all kinds of mixed. As long as you remember, the cheaper the less reliable, the cheaper the trap more, if you can go to the designated scenic spots in a hurry even if it is good, there are not to go to the designated scenic spots at all, or change the itinerary, arrange childcare in the queue, induce shopping, and even forced shopping. No matter how well the tourism market is regulated, it cannot take into account these illegal black travel agencies and black tour guides. It's the same everywhere, isn't the illegal day trip still a daily scam? You think about the group organized by others, the price is cheaper than the single ticket, the car is sent by car, the service is good, what? Like Lei Feng? In the streets there are a lot of tricycles 1 yuan to attract guests, if a cheap car, it is likely to be pulled to rip off the customer's seafood, greedy small cheap suffer big losses, most of the slaughtered have a greedy small cheap heart. When eating seafood, we must choose reliable seafood and go by ourselves. In the bus station, as well as the seaside, many people distribute seafood business cards, extremely enthusiastic attitude, free pick-up, a wide variety of business cards, the price is particularly cheap, the result must be deceived. Or to do a good job of their own, choose a good reputation of seafood. Because we played a little late last night, so we got up a little late today. We live near the sea. When we open our eyes in the morning, we can see the sea. In the morning, we changed our clothes and went to the beach to step on the sand, so happy, nature is really a magical thing, when you are close to it, you can forget all the troubles, there is a feeling of soul release. Male ticket said I like a child, but I think, in front of nature, like a child is the most natural thing, stepping on the sand, pose, film, really happy to jump up. After strolling around and around, it's time for the seafood feast. Come on, seafood is to eat until you have nothing to love. When we came here before, our friends told us to go to the first market to buy seafood processing, because the amount is insufficient, it can not guarantee fresh, we went to the first market to buy so much seafood that we have not seen in our life, and then went to the "Ye Sister seafood processing" recommended by friends to us, thanks to his recommendation, Just let us these children who travel in different places less worry, the boss is so enthusiastic, make us embarrassed, seafood is very fresh, there is no shortage of weight in the legend, anyway is excellent!