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Travel guide, the best places to visit

2018-02-23 04:48:00

It is located in the central region of the province, where the legend "Lou" and "Di" two stars shine each other, hence the name. The landscape is changeable, the mountains are interleaved, the hills are like waves, the highs and lows are interleaved, therefore, the tourism can enjoy the amazing myriad terrain. There is also a local feature that cannot be seen in tourism, that is, the popular paper-cutting art of the folk in Lianyuan area, whether the subject matter or the composition are subtle and eye-catching, and the flying river and general stone located at the foot of Lianyuan. To travel, you can also listen to the distinctive folk songs, experience the folk customs and regional characteristics, and feel the atmosphere of the earth. To travel must see the cultural landscape is big, here is the only artificial scenic spot in Mejiang. There are also many famous people's former residences, such as Zeng Guofan's former residence and CAI Hesen Memorial Hall, with strong historical and cultural atmosphere.


One or two sets of change of clothes, the main floor with two sets of not trouble enough sunscreen, sunglasses, for the summer outing all sun protection measures are complete


Sunscreen, sunglasses, everything for the summer outing sun protection


Forest park, listen to the name is very overbearing very tall place, halfway also lucky to go to the famous flying river rafting, always want to see but no time, finally this summer vacation in wonderland, tell you some things to pay attention to share my happiness,


Flying water rafting scenic spot is the first rafting class 4A scenic spot, the length of the rafting river is 4 kilometers, 3 meters to 5 meters of the drop can be seen everywhere, there are 8 meters of the drop, in the "shape" of the river, drifting warriors face the challenge of nine curves and 18 bends, drifting tourists only need to grasp the rubber boat handrail, Mercedes, there is a heroic spirit.


To the exploration of the river section, here rocks, rapids constantly, and one by one out of the floating point, the oncoming is a total length of about 4 kilometers, the total drop of the river drift of more than 150 meters, there are a number of 8 meters, the rafting process thrilling and exciting.

Matters needing attention

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Rafting is open from 8:30-17:00