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Travel to Japan shopping where to gather a bargain?

2018-06-11 14:24:00

When traveling to Japan, don't forget these three words - Nakoya


With the increasing number of tourists to Japan, as well as the precision and delicacy of Japanese products, many tourists will bring back more or less good things from Japan, such as: thermos cups, various beautiful styles of bags, cosmetics, seiko watches, SONY cameras, and the most popular automated toilets. Everyone knows that you can go to a large supermarket chain, but the price of buying in a large supermarket is not much different. Where are the best places to shop? Where can you go to get a lot of cheap goods for a thousand dollars?


Every street in Japan must have this one, which is equivalent to a chain. The name of this house is Nakoya. Nakoya is a recognized second-hand trading shop in Japan. The price is several percent cheaper than the supermarket.


Is the quality guaranteed? Maybe you will ask the second-hand things are not used by the old? No, no, no. The Japanese make the most of things. When the family received gifts from relatives and friends but had too many, they often placed them in the Zhonggu House. Therefore, everything is new, and the quality is not bad with the supermarket.


Is it all? It's got everything you want. Bags, clothes, cosmetics and other daily necessities.