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2018-05-01 11:12:00

The ancient name "rice dam", the Tibetan language means the open land of the valley gully mouth. Aden scenic area, with Senai day, Yang Maiyong and Xia Ruoduoji three sacred mountains, sacred, awesome; The milk sea and the five color sea in the scenic area, amazing let you forget all; Aden village at the foot of the mountain, beautiful and quiet, the pure land of the world is so.


1, Introduction County is located in the southwest edge of China province, located in the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hengduan Mountain east, is a Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Kangba Tibetan area. It borders the county in the east, the county in the west, the county in the north, the Tibetan Autonomous County in the south, and the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the southwest.


2, scenic spots 1) A large part of the scenic spots of Aden are concentrated in Aden, Aden scenic spot not only has magnificent sacred snow mountains, but also vast meadows, colorful forests and blue transparent Haizi, the most beautiful snow plateau almost all converge here, all of which make people linger. 2) Milk Sea (Erong Tso) The clear milk sea is clustered in the mountains. The color of the lake is from black to turquoise to blue. Under the sunlight, it looks like emerald embedded in the mountains from a distance. 3) Luorong Cattle Farm Here is the beauty of Aden concentrated, near the leisurely cattle and sheep and thick meadows, several exquisite Tibetan huts dotted in the mountains, a stream quietly flowing, and then look at the distance you can look up to three snow-white sacred mountains. 4) The Tibetan language means "Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva", is the first of the three sacred mountains. According to legend, Tibetans only need to make three pilgrimages to this mountain to achieve their wishes. On the way up the Senai Day, every step is as if you are in the fairyland on earth, in the evening, the sun is sprinkled down, the whole mountain is wrapped in golden yellow, so that people are amazing. 5) Jane level as a mirror Jane in the arms of Senai day mountain appears particularly sacred, the sun shines, Pearl Lake sparkling. The scenery around the lake is also very touching. This is also the ideal place to photograph the reflection of Senai Sun. 6) Yangmaiyong means "Manjusri Bodhisattva" in Tibetan and is located on the southern peak of Sanshen Mountain. Ice crystal white Yang Maiyong proudly stands between heaven and earth, pointing, majestic, let a person not be awestruck. At the foot of the mountain, the wide canyon is like a jade belt, surrounding the sacred mountain, the deep forest, the meadow of wildflowers in full bloom, the babbling stream at the foot of the snow mountain against the spectacular peak. 7) Five-Color Sea legend can "return to history, predict the future" of the five-color sea, under the sunlight, colorful. The plants at the bottom of the lake grow lush, and form a variety of strange patterns after death, coupled with religious legends, making the five colors of the sea mysterious and sacred.


1) How to get there a. Plane - : 7:05-8:05, Air China Airbus 319, original price 1600 yuan, tax 120 yuan. - : 8:55-9:55, Air China Airbus 319, original price 1600 yuan, tax 120 yuan. Aden Airport, 4,411 meters above sea level, is the highest civil airport in the world. The airport was officially opened on 16 September 2013. The site is located in Haizi Mountain, Sangdui Township, north of the county, 49 kilometers from the county seat, 122 kilometers from Shangri-La Town, 159 kilometers from Aden scenic spot. With an altitude of 4,410 meters, it is the highest civil airport under construction in the world. Currently open:, Malcom 、、、、、 and other places to the route. Airport bus to the airport: Because there is only one flight every day, the bus is basically a time. The bus stops in front of the airport hotel. The bus to the airport departs from the airport hotel at 6:30 every morning. Airport hotel next to the town bridge, just into the county can see. The airport is 1 hour away by bus. b. Bus Station The bus station currently has shuttle buses from the bound, Kangding and Shangri-La. Tickets go on sale at 9:30 every day, and next-day tickets are available only. The shuttle bus from Kangding to Shangri-La leaves at 6 a.m. every day. And go, such as short distance does not sell tickets, the morning directly on the ticket. - Xinnanmen Bus Station, there is a shuttle bus to the county, leaving at 10:00 am every day, the whole journey is about 2 days (- Kangding about 8 hours, accommodation in Kangding one night). Address: Downtown Linjiang Road 57 new south gate Kangding - Kangding bus station every morning at 6:00, there are two buses to the county, the whole journey is about 8 hours. Address: Shangri-La Bus Station, Shangri-La County (Zhongdian) on the right side of Lamze Linka wine, Kangding County, Zhou, there is a bus every day, the whole journey is about 12 hours, the road condition is poor, some sections are mud roads. Address: Provincial Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Shangri-La County c. Chartered bus is the most convenient way to go, tourists generally from Kangding chartered to go, about 200 yuan/person. In addition, it is also very convenient to charter a car, 50-60 yuan/person, 400 yuan/car. Tips: Look at the car condition, in Kangding is generally the minivan to determine the driver, not the intermediary, you can ask to see the driver's license, driving age as a reference to whether to change the car, this is very key, change the car on the one hand delay the trip, sometimes will be rude to raise the price d. Driving into the county there are four main roads: through the Sichuan-Tibet North line, that is, 317 National Highway to the Sichuan-Tibet South line, that is, 318 National highway. Specifically from the Dujiangyan - four girls mountain - county - county - eight United States - Tagong Township - bridge - county - county - south turn, and then to Aden Scenic area. From the mainland to the west take the Sichuan-Tibet South line is 318 National highway. Specifically from the city - county - Erlang Mountain - Kangding county - bridge - county - county - south turn, and then go to Aden Scenic Area. (The above two routes can also be entered in the first way and returned in the second way, which is less repetitive and more interesting, but you need to calculate the time through Erangsan, Kangding and Kangding.) Shangri-la County from the size of the snow mountain by Sangdui Township south fold into the county. From the east, take Sichuan-Tibet South line, which is 318 National Highway. Specifically, ---- and then turn south. To 800 km, which is the most expressway, the road condition is excellent; To the bridge, the road conditions generally gradually deteriorate; Bridge to, poor road condition, high altitude. 2) The county traffic A. taxi county is very small, the taxis here are green taxis, there are Xiali and van taxis, are not a meter, according to the distance and the master bargain, the city is generally 5 yuan, the taxi can go to the scenic spot, and go to the river and sera taxi is also very convenient. b. Sightseeing car In 2010, Aden scenic area environmental protection sightseeing car opened, all tourist vehicles, non-official vehicles can not enter the scenic area. At present, there are many sections of the sightseeing bus line. Riva Township - Longtongba this line is the most important line of Aden scenic area, and the ticket sales of scenic area. Cost: 120 yuan/person (round trip) Shangri-La Township (Riva) - Aden Scenic Longtongba Departure time: 7:00, stop time: 17:00, train interval: 30 minutes; Longtongba - Shangri-La Township (Riva), Aden Jing District Departure time: 9:30, stop time: 18:00, train interval :30 minutes; Longtongba - Chonggu Temple up 30 yuan, down 20 yuan, Longlongba - Chonggu Temple uphill, about 3km, about 10 minutes one-way by battery car, about an hour on foot. Chonggu Temple - Luorong cattle farm 80 yuan round trip, 20 minutes each way, 7km flat road to walk about 3 hours. A round trip ticket is 80 yuan and a one-way ticket is 50 yuan. It is suggested that friends who want to go to the milk sea and the five color sea must save their physical strength by taking the battery car, and really want to go on foot when you can go down the mountain.


1) Fat Big Sister restaurant is very famous among backpackers, and the dishes are large, which is really delicious for backpackers who can't get enough to eat on the road. Twice-cooked pork and fish-flavored shredded pork are great meals, and there are plenty of other options such as small stir-fry POTS to satisfy all kinds of spicy customers. 2) No two coffee pour-over coffee is a little expensive but the portion is still enough, there are some simple meals. In the leisurely afternoon, you can be alone in a daze, chat with friends, play board games together, and rest enough to leave for Aden. 3) Chuanyu Old Duck Soup a very popular restaurant. The most famous is old duck soup, which is made from whole duck and is very realistic. Soup base is sour radish, radish ten decomposed greasy, soup is delicious. You can also throw a variety of vegetables into continue to cook to eat ~4) Next to the Tibetan restaurant bus station in the snow, the shop is not very large, but the style is very suitable for the Tibetan wind, the dishes are generally beef and mutton, a lot of. The service is warm and the price is affordable. Recommend butter tea, yogurt, highland barley cake. 5) Tibetan restaurant Snow Tibetan restaurant location in front of the bus station avenue on about 500 meters to see, the traffic advantage is obvious. It is a collector's style restaurant, the restaurant decoration style is very good, and their yatu yogurt is a feature, which has a very strong taste. Secondly, the dishes are mainly Tibetan diet, the portion can also be quite a lot, and the price is relatively cheap.