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TUCK/TUCK/TUCK/TUCK, how to pick a necklace that is too pleated?

2018-04-27 08:00:49

TUCK/TUCK/TUCK/TUCK has too pleated necklace is every woman's dream, but also a symbol of noble status, too pleated necklace has many styles, how to choose to make yourself appear noble?


TUCKTUCK/TUCK/TUCK/TUCK too pleated necklace


TUCK/TUCK/TUCK/TUCK products are divided into three series, necklace is no exception, according to the occasion to determine the necklace is the most important TUCK


The TUCK LOVE collection is too pleated for lovers, so when you are with your boyfriend, TUCK LOVE is your first choice


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TUCK INHERIT symbolizes inheritance. This necklace reflects a family's aristocratic genes of simplicity, connotation and elegance, so it is wise to choose this series of necklace when you are with your family

Matters needing attention

TUCK's necklaces have different connotations in different series. Only by understanding the culture can we better display our taste