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Tutorial 2 How to pursue A2 girls (physical and mental toughness)

2018-05-08 14:24:05

This is a pursuit course designed for those very powerful girls.


[First impression] Generally this kind of girls will be more like weak Zhengtoo. Then you give her the first impression do not act too big man, when talking about things will be appropriate to refer to her opinion.


Give her enough space to breathe for herself. Besides, she's not gonna give you a schedule right now. But you can report back to her.


2. You can show your upset or whatever side to her appropriately. Let her know that you're a man but you can have emotional disorders.


Even if she is a strong woman, you should give a lot of care, otherwise people will feel that you do not care. Rob her even if she can change her own light bulb and even if she can fix her own refrigerator.


[Know the bottom line] Everyone has their bottom line. You need to know her boundaries so you don't step on them. Otherwise, if you do step on it, the consequences will be very serious. You can also show that you're serious about getting to know her by letting her know your boundaries.


[Learn to be tolerant and generous] Some of the girls will be careless, will inadvertently hurt you. Then don't ever turn on her because of this, you can tell her that it will hurt you. And most temper will be very angry, you have to learn to ignore her angry words and learn to give her anger.