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TV series starring Liu Shishi and Chan Wei-ting

2018-05-02 20:48:56

"Drunk and Exquisite." Role introduction One, Feng Qing dust actor; Liu Shishi. Feng Qingchen is a holy witch of the witch tribe. She looks weak, but she is strong, cunning and intelligent. Her heart is full of resilience and the sense of struggle against herself and fate. Phoenix Qing dust met beloved Yuan Ling, but because the royal family struggle can not be together, and many people die innocent, so she opened nine turn exquisite array, in the second time and space determined to change everything. 2. Yuan Ling actor; William Chan. Yuan Ling was the fourth prince of Western Wei, the commander of the Xuanjia Army, known as the god of war. He is full of Wolf, deep mind, conceit, everything has a strong control and tolerance. Seemingly indifferent, the actual love, insist on their own way to protect everything. However, there are risks associated with innovation, and many viewers said that they could not understand the setting of double space and time, and this innovation point was only a concept. After entering the second space and time, the drama conflict is a little dull, the love of the male and female protagonists is not delicate enough, and the rhythm of the first fast and then slow feeling also makes some audiences lose. The breakthrough of the play is that behind the love story, the setting of the witch tribe and the royal family is full of imagination, and the elements such as family entanglements, court power struggles and the great justice of the family and the country are integrated and connected with each other.