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Twelve constellations Qixi luck skills

2018-02-18 17:36:00

The Chinese Valentine's Day in 2013 is coming, and the constellations without lovers will of course sigh at the lovers on the street and wish to break up the lovers. However, instead of sighing and jealousy, it is better to take active action and use some tips to encourage your love luck. The skills that are suitable for the zodiac are different, so take the skills that belong to you. First, Aries, Leo luck skills: put lanterns There are a lot of programs, put lanterns. It is a very wasteful thing to put lanterns near the water, make a wish, and let the lights carry their wishes along with the running water. Luo Ming teacher believes that Aries and lions may not be very good luck in the near future, but the more so the more can not be angry. Let's settle down and pray. Maybe your heart led you to the peach blossom. Second, seat, Gemini luck skills: wear powder crystal bull and Gemini in the Chinese Valentine's luck, generally, want to start the know, powder crystal can enhance the luck of marriage, but to use it correctly. In general, people like to wear on the wrist to seek the help of powder crystal, but in fact, the most suitable way to wear powder crystal is as a necklace or brooch to wear, so that the effect of powder crystal is the best. Three, Cancer, Pisces shipping skills: Wear garnet cancer and Pisces in the Chinese Valentine's Day, luck is very good oh. Jupiter into the life of cancer, natural good luck, Pisces true love palace has Jupiter, do not mention how good luck. Do so, or to increase a fire, urge all kinds of marriage. Wearing a garnet bracelet is very good, the positive peach energy of garnet is very powerful, which helps the opening of the positive peach. Four, Virgo, Libra shipping skills: do knot Virgo and Libra people are very careful, peach blossom has always been good, in the Chinese Valentine's Day, luck will be good, is expected to meet a good new object. Luo Ming teacher believes that if you want to start, you may wish to place a red knot in the bedroom, which can also improve your marriage, the knot in Chinese traditional culture is a permanent knot, the good wishes of love and white head, which can let you quickly find the ideal object. 5, Scorpio, Capricorn luck skills: Put vase Scorpio and Capricorn, in the Chinese Valentine's Day, under the guidance of Jupiter's energy, is expected to meet can marry the object Oh. It is better to place vases and clay POTS in the southwest of your home, and some precious stones or colored stones can also be placed in the bottles to improve luck. Sagittarius and Aquarius luck skills: do lucky stars Sagittarius and Aquarius, the luck of the Tanabata may be slightly dull, but it does not matter, want to have luck, it is not impossible. Luck, do the lucky star effect will be good, but if there is a favorite object, give this gift to each other, it is easier to get each other's joy, so as to enhance your feelings oh.