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Two ways to train your chest muscles

2018-03-19 20:48:00

If you want to get naked, you can't just have abs, and your pecs are a plus. In fact, when we build chest muscles, we mainly focus on toning exercises. It's not about the size of your pecs. We're genetically programmed to be that size, and no matter how hard you work, you're not going to get 190 "Rock" Johnson's pecs out of a 175. It is very important to feel the chest strength when exercising the chest muscles, if you do not feel the chest muscle strength then you do not exercise to stimulate your chest muscles, it is doing nothing, so exercise the chest muscles do not swish a quick exercise. Make sure it's standard.


For those who do not have time to go to fitness exercises can use dumbbells and free hands at home to exercise your chest muscles, here is for everyone to recommend dumbbell push, masonry push up 2 efficient exercise actions. 1. When doing the dumbbell press, hold the dumbbell in your hand, and then push the dumbbell upward to maintain stability, control it slowly lower and do not tilt to both sides. Dumbbell press: 10-12 reps of 3-4 sets


2. Diamond push-up is different from ordinary push-up, the hands are no longer separated on both sides of the body, but close together, the left and right thumb and index finger contact respectively, forming a diamond shape. Diamond push-ups work up to the middle of your chest and strengthen your arms. It's also a great move to strengthen your explosive power. Diamond push ups 5-10 reps 3-4 sets