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Universal Studios Los Angeles family tour

2018-03-04 11:12:00

Recommended attractions at Universal Studios: Jurassic, Transformers, Mummy, Train, Simpsons, Waterworld.


Ticket price is the current price to see the official website our one-day ticket price is about $100/ person can also buy CITYPASS.


About parking - you can also book tickets on the official website and print them out or buy them directly there, We chose preferred parking, which means you don't have to walk too far to get to the gate. The price of general parking is $22, which is relatively cheaper. In addition, the park has some small benefits in cooperation with citywalk merchants, such as free parking for watching a movie in citywalk


Saw the legendary DORA. This used to be Phoebe's favorite. I learned English at DORA's when I was a kid. Friends who like collecting stamps can find photos of various classic figures here.


Animal star show. It's a great show for kids.


Props from all the movies, cars.