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Video clip tips

2018-03-14 20:48:53

Video editing is also a science. Learning to clip video, you also need to master the lens language, lens screen scheduling, including the distance between the camera position and the photographer, the following and Xiaobian together to learn video editing skills this article.


Video clip tips


Common sense of life


Edit according to the topic each picture tells. If the content of each picture is different, it is easy to cause the audience to understand the consciousness of the picture, so the shooting skills, including close-up shots, medium and close-range shots should be better mastered.


Observe the content of the picture and the direction of the picture to edit. Shoot the picture, you can shoot the track of the car. Shooting the direction of the car, but also to observe the trajectory of the car, have changed too much of the picture, also need to choose a transition.


Master the shooting skills, learn to shoot, in order to master the lens language faster. The better you master the shooting skills, the better you know the distance between the shooting camera and the subject, and the direction in which you are shooting, so that you can quickly connect each picture more closely.


Editing skills should also learn to observe the content of the picture, when different content themes are connected together, you need to choose the transition lens, including black field, white field, transition, choose a stunt skill, and quickly connect the picture.


Video editing to practice constantly, editing is a combination of technology and art, practice makes perfect, if you do not often practice editing, cutting video skills will soon forget.

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