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Video Flip software How to rotate the video screen (horizontal/vertical)

2018-04-22 12:48:02

When you watch the video, if you are careful, you will find that there are a lot of video pictures turned over, in the face of the mirror to learn dance, the movement is left and right, a lot of dance teaching videos on the Internet is so, for want to learn dance friends depressed, but we have a solution, only the video picture turned over. So how are these effects achieved, that's what we're going to talk about today.


Beaver li nest video flipping software


Run the video rotation software. Then click the Project button. Then enter the project window, select the file storage location, and then give the file name: video screen flip.


Click OK to enter the sequence window. Select DV-PAL widescreen 48KHz in the valid preset, the sequence name can be named there, or you can leave the default.


Now enter the operation interface of the software, double-click on the blank area of the project panel in the upper left corner to import the prepared video footage, of course, there are other ways to import video footage, you can select file - Import, or press the shortcut key Ctrl+I import.


After importing the video, use the mouse to drag the video to the video 1 track. Next, you just need to add the effects to the video footage. In the right effect to find the video effect, click the inverted triangle in the front to open the drop down menu, find the transform, open the drop down, you will see the horizontal flip video effect. Just use the mouse to add the pain-dragging effect to the video.


Then the vertical flip effect is also in it, select it and drag it onto the video footage. You can experience the setup yourself. Here will not say more, or to experience yourself to see the effect of oh.