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Waist and leg pain plaster related common sense introduction

2018-03-24 01:36:55

Many people think that if you don't sit much, as long as you feel comfortable, you won't have any problems with your waist. But in fact, whether a person's sitting posture is correct or not is not completely determined by whether it is comfortable or not. Some sitting can feel comfortable in a short period of time, not strenuous, but for a long time, the comfort will gradually disappear, and produce a sense of pain in the waist. Once there is a problem in the waist, you need a variety of methods for lumbar care treatment. Many people will choose poultice treatment, then for the waist and leg pain poultices related common sense and use matters are simply explained.

What are the manifestations of the diseases caused by lumbar disease

Low back pain: More than 95% of patients with lumbar spine have this symptom. Patients feel that the waist persistent dull pain, supine position is reduced, standing is intensified, generally tolerable, the waist can moderate activity or slow walking, the other for the sudden back spasticity pain, unbearable, need to rest in bed, seriously affect life and work.


Radiating pain in the lower extremities: 80% of patients have this condition, often after the lower back pain lessens or disappears. It presents as radioactive irritation or numbness from the waist to the back of the thigh and lower leg, right down to the base of the foot. Severe cases can be shock like pain from the waist to the feet, and are often accompanied by numbness. Those with light pain can walk and limp; The heavy need to rest in bed, like waist bending, hip bending, kneeling position.


Lower limb numbness, cold feeling and intermittent claudication: lower limb numbness is mostly accompanied by pain, a few patients can show simple numbness, a few patients feel cold and cold lower limbs. The main reason is that the sympathetic nerve fibers in the vertebrae are stimulated. The pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of intermittent claudication are similar to those of lumbar stenosis, mainly due to the pathological and physiological symptoms of secondary lumbar stenosis in the case of nucleus pulposus herniation. END

Selection and application of poultices for lumbar and leg pain

Each plaster has its own symptoms for treatment, so lumbar pain caused by lumbar disease can choose lumbar patch to treat. Patients can refer to the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients contained in the plaster when choosing, as well as the cooking method. The traditional decocting method of Duan's black plaster can retain the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients to the maximum extent.


When choosing a plaster, pay attention to whether the carrier of the plaster is hygienic, the general plaster will choose functional non-woven fabric, release paper, etc., as the plaster carrier, plus hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, ginger oil or lavender oil to ensure the adhesion of the plaster.


For some rubber plasters in the cleaning will be more troublesome, generally with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar wipe. For new poultices such as Duan's, a towel can be used for a moment before peeling, and it can be peeled directly. END