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Water heater installation and maintenance

2018-03-23 19:12:03

In winter, hot water has become indispensable to us, understand the installation and maintenance of water heaters, must be convenient for their own choice


Service tools/installation tools


1 Power supply if there is a problem in the use of gas water heaters, first of all we have to look at the problem of power supply, if the home is a battery type, then we can see if the battery has no power, if the plug is used, to see if the plug is not linked, the indicator light and so on other things are not bright, if not bright, Which means there could be a problem with the power supply.


2. Water supply Know whether there is no hot water or no water. If there is no water, generally speaking, it is the problem of insufficient water supply, and it is not the water heater in addition to failure, usually wait for a while after the water. There is also water but not hot, that half is the water heater has a problem, this time we need to notify the maintenance worker to help us solve.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to pay attention to safety during maintenance