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"Water Margin unmatched" hero free transformation classic play unique

2018-02-16 19:12:00

"Water Margin unmatched" hero free transformation classic play unique


"Water Margin No Match" GCH1109


The transformation system has a natural advantage over the limited transformation in the story copy - stat increase! As long as you get a good Han card, you can change as you like, followed by a strong attribute increase, doubling the attribute addition can make it easier for players to challenge and strengthen the monster, the demon does not give force is no longer the heart of the hero, "go to war" is the first welfare of the player after the transformation system is open!


Collecting cards is not difficult, and can be obtained by dropping monsters, rewarding active missions, and opening card packs, which can also be purchased or collected from card merchants. Use the card pack screen will appear six cards, select one of them, see how lucky, if you draw a gold card, more likely to issue a blessing, so that everyone witness your good luck.


After the card is activated, it can be called a card. After the card is activated, it will have basic attributes, and each card in the gold card will have additional bonus attributes. It's also easy to swap cards, but it takes three, and when you have the right combination of cards, it's possible to have an unexpected exchange effect. Keep your fingers crossed. The card transformation can obtain a transformation state, using the card will consume a small number of corresponding card collection points.

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