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Water purifier is divided into "waste water" and "no waste water" what is going on

2018-04-27 01:36:20

No waste water generally refers to the ultrafiltration series of water purifier, first choose a suitable water purifier to combine with the water quality and water pressure of your home, such as: there is no white scale after the raw water is burned in the bottom of the pot or floating in a layer of suspended matter such as dust above the boiling water. There is a special two-point waste water is generally reverse osmosis water purifier, reverse osmosis water purifier is divided into electric reverse osmosis machine and non-electric reverse osmosis machine. Extended data: Water purifiers can be divided into two categories according to the road design grade: gradual water purifier and self-cleaning water purifier. The traditional water purifier is a gradual water purifier, and its internal design filter element is loose before and tight, which is composed of PP melt-blown filter element, granular carbon, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, and post-activated carbon, which is generally composed of the 5 levels in turn. The trap is deposited inside the filter element and needs to be manually removed and washed regularly to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The other is a more advanced self-cleaning water purifier, two channels are designed in the machine, and a washing water path is added. When the washing water of ordinary domestic water passes through the path, the filter element in the machine, especially the raw water side of the membrane filter element, is washed to achieve self-cleaning. Self-cleaning water purifier adopts the new principle of mass circulation, impurities are cleaned out at any time, the inner core is clean, and secondary pollution is avoided. See the working principle below. Self-cleaning water purifier is different from the automatic sewage purifier, computer automatic flushing water purifier and automatic backwashing water purifier seen on the market, the former is the whole machine self-cleaning, that is to say, all the filter elements inside the machine have a certain self-cleaning function. Self-cleaning water purifier is equivalent to installing a garbage disposal on the road, and the dirt is cleaned out at any time, not staying in the machine. The traditional non-self-cleaning water purifier is equivalent to a number of trash cans in the room, and the dirt is usually temporarily stored in the machine, so it is necessary to regularly discharge, disassembly and frequent replacement of the filter element. Reference: Encyclopedia -- Water purifier