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Wedding planning sweet little personal wedding ceremony

2018-02-16 08:00:00

If the wedding invitation is not a lot, you only arranged a small wedding ceremony, then by the wedding planning team to create a sweet small personality wedding need to pay attention to what issues? Wedding planners for new people summed up the following warm wedding planning tips:


Compared with a large wedding, the focus of small-scale wedding layout is to reflect the exquisite, fine, so the selection of the venue is best more details. Small gardens, courtyards, villas, dining bars, yachts, etc. are very good choices, do not worry, whether indoor or outdoor as long as the layout is properly arranged, can be used as a small wedding venue. Wedding planners suggest that the size of the venue should be determined according to the expected number of people, too small will appear very cramped so that people have a chaotic feeling, too large and will have a cold feeling.


It should be noted that if you choose an outdoor green space, the site should be relatively complete and relatively empty in the banquet activity area, so as to facilitate guests' activities. Simply put, there should not be too many trees on this site, which will obstruct the view of the guests and will not be good enough to take photos. Similarly, if it is held indoors, it is necessary to avoid excessive columns and zigzag cloisters.


Second, do I need to hire a wedding party? If you are unable to find a friend with experience in hosting a large event to help, we suggest that in order to make the big day more orderly, you should invite the wedding to help organize it. If you want to be more creative in the layout, of course you can do it yourself, but if you want the wedding to be a big deal, you must invite experienced wedding supervisors and hosts. The former can help you guide to sit, so that the atmosphere in the venue is lively and orderly; The latter will use humorous words and coordination skills to fully mobilize everyone's emotions.


You can also ask the wedding to help: invite a band, rent the wedding road guide and flower gate, let them help find experienced photographers, videographers, sound engineers.


Due to the limitation of scale, the choice and collocation of small wedding colors is more important. Indeed, in general, warm colors will make the space appear smaller, but the choice of color is still determined on the premise of the condition of the site and the number of people. If you are holding a banquet indoors, due to the limited area and height of the restaurant, the use of strong colors will cause certain visual pressure, it is best to discuss with the planner, the use of a large area of relatively light colors, table flowers, decorations and other accessories use bright colors. Wedding planners warn that if the party is held in an open outdoor green space, there are fewer restrictions, and sometimes the use of bright colors can bring energy and tension, making the party more colorful.


Because the venue is relatively small, you and the guests belong to close contact, so the interactive program will be able to fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm. Getting everyone to raise a glass for a group photo, all repeating your wedding vows together, rhythmical clapping, or even singing in a chorus are all good games that don't require much room for activity and can motivate people. Of course, this requires you to communicate with the host in advance.


Take excellent wedding photos do not worry, as long as your banquet details enough, no matter how small the venue, can enrich the wedding album, the secret is to emphasize the details of the shooting. Nowadays, most professional wedding photographers pay more attention to the performance of the new couple at the wedding, they follow all the actions of the new couple at the wedding, and do not miss a memorable shot, which is understandable. Our advice is to hire an extra photographer (or an avid photographer friend) to help you shoot the wedding details before the party begins. In advance, you need to give him a list of all the wedding highlights you think are creative, so that you don't miss the highlights. In general, these details include: table flowers, doorknobs, flower doors, sign-in tables, ceremony tables, greeting cards, ring holders, return tables, wedding cakes, etc.


The first thing to consider is the safety of the wedding venue, because there is not enough space for activities, you should try to arrange thoughtful, so that guests as little as possible to move around, so as to reduce the possibility of accidents. There are two necessary measures that must be arranged in advance: First, maximize your space, ask the waiter to help you remove all unnecessary cabinets, extra tables and chairs, put the mountain of drink cases outside the venue, and pick up the balloons that were scattered during the ceremony... Second, reduce unnecessary decorations, since the venue is not very large, it is recommended that you do not arrange too much decoration in the dining area - the table flower is not too tall, the chair back flower is not too complicated and cumbersome, the tablecloth should also be more concise. This will allow guests to move more at ease, do not have to worry about turning around and knocking something over.


Secondly, if there are many people and the space is small, it is best not to use the form of buffet. The traditional seating method obviously reduces the chances of guests moving around. And you should also prepare a special person for the guests to serve drinks, cake, all things are completed by the service staff, so that not only your banquet scene is very orderly, even the guests will think that you think very thoughtful.


Finally, grab your guests' attention with some interesting highlights. Setting up some interesting scenes and guiding your guests to the designated place is a very clever means of activities. You need to look at the site from multiple angles and note in detail which areas create a warm and interesting atmosphere. In general, a small corner is an easier place to decorate. You can use the means of airbrushing to make a romantic scene with your photos, guests can stand here for a group photo; You can also arrange for an entire wall to be decorated with photos of the guests and ask them to find themselves on it and write a message of blessing.


Finally, it should be reminded that many couples who hold weddings outdoors, in order to take care of everyone from the sun exposure and put a lot of sun umbrellas in the venue, although this practice has a very good effect on sun protection, but it will affect the visual effect of your wedding photos. The suggestion is to place seats with umbrellas around the venue for everyone to rest, but it is best to minimize the arrangement of umbrellas in the center of the venue to block the view of the sun, and it is better to ask everyone to come out when the ceremony is held. Turning a small venue into a big scene is what everyone wants, and there are some great ideas to help you achieve your dreams. First of all, it is about the arrangement of flowers, because the venue is small, the use of flowers can make good results with less money, in addition to the ordinary venue with flowers, the most important thing is the flower door and the bride bouquet. First, the flower door, also due to the limitations of the site, the semi-circular large flower door is obviously not suitable for you, a small, inverted U-shaped flower door both highlights the romantic atmosphere and will not increase the pressure of space. The color of the flower door should be unified with the overall tone of the site under the premise of light elegance.


Bouquet is the focus of the wedding, a small round bouquet may add a lot of color for your wedding, slightly different is that the color of the bouquet can choose bright and beautiful, and you can use more flowers, so that the rich and delicate effect will add color to the bride at the same time to the wedding, lively atmosphere.


As mentioned earlier, tall and gorgeous table flowers should be used less in the dining area, so how can we make this site not monotonous? It's a good idea to use small table flowers. Each guest has a small bunch of bright flowers in front of his or her dinner plate, and there is a place card with his or her name on it. This will make the guest feel that you value him or her. Petals are naturally indispensable good partners, desktop, ground, plate... It is like the elf at the wedding, no matter where it is placed, it will not look out of place and superfluous, and always make your wedding more colorful.


Give me some romance Maybe you are already familiar with the ways to create romance, such as sprinkling flower petals and drinking cross-cupped wine, let us give you some of the latest and greatest tips: Some people say that the feeling of hearing is the highest level of romance, then I tell you, the perfect combination of hearing and visual feeling is the most romantic, invite a string band, it can create a more romantic atmosphere than the ordinary electronic band, the cello plays a soothing song, the violinist shuttles between the guests, stirring up the mood of the scene with cheerful music. What could be more creative than that? Don't miss out on the romance of smell, a faint aroma will make people's spirits more uplifting, don't use too strong aroma, a few scented candles and a faint perfume lily can achieve the effect. Don't forget to decorate your banquet with some more practical romance, put out a beautiful big cake, arrange an attractive dessert table, etc., guests enjoy romance at the same time, appetite will be fully mobilized. Finally, the bubble machine is used at the climax of the ceremony, the fantastic effect will be unforgettable for everyone. In addition to mastering the wind direction in advance, you can also give each guest a bottle of soapy water to blow, so that they become romantic molecules, isn't it good?


Eight, accessories appear more important wedding props are nothing more than greeting cards, invitations, seat cards, signings, rings, gifts and other items, as long as all the props are in line with the wedding venue, color requirements, will make the wedding set off better. At the same time, the use of Western-style props will generally be more foreign than the use of Chinese. In a small wedding, all prints should have a more unified design, that is, to do a complete set, otherwise it will make the scene appear more chaotic. Generally speaking, a friendly and casual invitation may be more suitable for small weddings, it shows the intimate relationship between you and the guest, you can write your nickname on it, and colloquial invitation; The greeting card can be a caricature of the two of you or some simple design; The signing book is also best to be small and delicate, so as to be more in line with the temperament of the entire wedding.


There is a more obvious difference between large weddings and small weddings, that is, small weddings need clear and simple road signs, intuitive to tell guests where the bathroom is, where to receive the gift, etc., so as to avoid unnecessary confusion


Perhaps, you feel that the guests at a small wedding are the closest people, and you can show the "real" side in front of them. But don't forget, this day is the wedding, the most important ceremony of life, you need to dress up and show everyone that you are happy and beautiful. This is not only determined by traditional factors, but also by the importance and respect. Here are some valuable tips on what to wear for a small wedding that will save you a lot of trouble while maintaining your beauty. If the wedding is in a sunny summer, and the wedding is held outdoors, then you should choose a light and breathable wedding dress, the veil is best to be simple, or simply omitted, so as not to make people feel stuffy and hot, but also to let you perform well at the wedding. If it is held indoors and the space is not very large, it is best to choose a wedding dress with a smaller skirt, otherwise it is easy to be mixed with the chair legs.


The choice of shoes is also very important, it is determined according to your preferences and the floor of the wedding site. Before choosing, it is necessary to repeat the feeling of walking on the floor, because the friction degree of wood floor, stone floor, grass and carpeted floor is definitely not the same. Said, the wedding venue is wooden floor, you can not pick too high stilettos, because it is easy to let you slip; It is best to wear thick shoes on grass, otherwise the stickiness of the ground may pull them off your feet. Of course, there are many aspects of the problem to be solved, including the collocation of hand flowers, hats, etc., let your family and friends help refer to it!


Bride Tips:


If it rains on the day of the ceremony


If you choose to hold a small wedding in an outdoor courtyard, you should pay attention to the weather. You need to be prepared in advance, say, prepare enough large umbrellas around the site and sprinkle a layer of sand on the ground (sand is more permeable and won't cause too much water). Book a seat in the room near the restaurant and move in time if the rain is heavy. Prepare enough rain gear. This kind of tender care can make the unpleasant weather disappear.


Always thought an outdoor family wedding wasn't classy?


In fact, this is a wrong idea, although the luxury decoration of the wine wedding, exquisite ornaments for the wedding color, but it is not unique to you. Although the venue and scale of a small wedding can not be compared with wine, but because every detail is designed by your own hands, it can attract the attention of the guests more, as long as you are careful and increase creativity, there will be unexpected surprises. Of course, if the budget is still very loose, you can also buy some exquisite decorations, say beautiful wreaths, elegant tableware, etc., they will become the highlight of your wedding reception.


10, worry about the quality of food is not guaranteed wedding planners believe that this issue is really important, good food can change a person's mood. Sometimes people worry that a small restaurant may not be able to provide guests with good enough food. First of all, you have to taste their dishes before you determine the venue, secondly, if there is no experience in reception weddings, you must talk to the restaurant manager or chef, tell them you want to be more grand dishes, preferably appetizers, snacks, main courses, all kinds of drinks, desserts should be prepared, see if they can feed you a special wedding menu.