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Wedding taboos to follow

2018-02-16 14:24:00

Do you know some taboos that should be followed in a wedding? I guess you don't know it yet. New skills get learned


1. When the groom goes to the bride's home, the wedding car team should be singular, but when you pick up the bride, it is necessary to ensure that the driving team is an even number, at the same time in the choice of route, the entire form of the line can not be repeated, can not go back.


2. Some new people will hang axes representing good fortune at home, as well as satisfactory weights, which are invited to wrap with red cloth first.


3. The groom and bride mostly have the tradition of wearing red belts, so you should pay special attention to the belt is not able to tie, otherwise married life will often appear contradictory.


4. After the wedding car arrives at the wine, the couple gets off and enters the wedding venue, at this time, someone should come and remove all the decorations on the head car, that is to say, the one-time wedding car is over, and the couple will not do the wedding car anymore.


5. On the wedding day, candles may be lit, so it is not a candle, or a match when toasting cigarettes behind, which can not be enough to blow with your mouth when it is extinguished.