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Wedding Video making | How to make a wedding video

2018-03-12 11:12:11

At the happiest moment of life, making a romantic wedding video and showing it to the friends and relatives who come to bless will, of course, make the whole wedding more warm and special. So how do you make a wedding video? Wedding tension, of course, to fast exquisite as well, today we want to teach you is to use electronic album production software the first brand "digital master", quickly produce a beautiful romantic wedding video, let us understand its rapid production process!


The Digital Master


Enter the software "video album" function Digital master has five major album functions, respectively: this album, gift bag album, video album, web album, lock screen album, to make wedding videos, the use of digital master's video album function can be achieved. Click the "Video Album" TAB, double-click in the middle of the panel, in the pop-up file selection box, through the shift key to select the photos can be imported at one time, after import, you can also adjust the order by the left mouse button, very flexible and user-friendly.


With beautiful background music and MTV synchronous lyrics music pleasant, beautiful background music makes the production of wedding videos more infectious. Click the "Background Music" TAB and insert your favorite music file and LRC lyrics file into the panel to create a wedding video with MTV synced subtitles. LRC can be downloaded directly, which is very convenient.


Decorated gorgeous photo effects, make wedding video dynamic digital master photo effects as many as hundreds of kinds, almost covers all gorgeous photo effects, enough for us to use. The software has a variety of modes, such as automatic and custom specified photo effects, to meet the different needs of fast production and personalized customization.


Insert video in the photo, is a combination of photo and video playback, more features digital master support in the video album insert video title and photo insert video, a variety of video album production materials make the production of video more dynamic and gorgeous.


All the production is completed, finally, we just click on the bottom right corner of the "start generation" button, drink a cup of tea, a beautiful dynamic wedding video can be quickly generated, and then you can see the results of our production.

Matters needing attention

This screenshot is from Digital Master V28.0, the updated version may have more features.