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Weekend to bay park play guide

2018-04-01 01:36:08

Bay Park has been built relatively perfect, can be used as a good place for people to play and exercise on weekends, especially for the elderly to leisure. According to their own practice, this paper summarizes the weekend drive to the bay Park one day play strategy, to share with you.








Drive to Wanghai Road Bay Sports Park Navigate to the district Wanghai Road Bay Sports Park, get off and walk to the seaside Greenway. Bay Park parking is free and open to the public, parking is limited, and early arrival is recommended.


Walk along the beach and look far away. Take a walk on the beach green way, look far away and feel the scenery of the city. In the Sports Park, you can see the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bridge, on which Shenzhen-Hong Kong vehicles shuttle, and on the other side of the bridge is Hong Kong.


From the boardwalk to close the distance with the ocean to the direction of departure from the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bridge, you can see the boardwalk deep in the middle of the ocean, you can walk to the boardwalk to close the distance with the ocean.


After visiting the beach for a while, you can find a bicycle rental point, rent a single or two bikes, from the bay to the mangrove direction, to carry out a beach ride.


On the way to the Bay Wedding Park, you will pass the Bay Wedding Theme Park and Sunrise Theater, which can be viewed separately.


The picture of the ocean sunset is very beautiful, you can watch while riding, feel the beauty of sunset and red light.

Matters needing attention

Bay Park Car Park is a free public car park with limited parking space, please visit as early as possible