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Weight loss prescription, treatment of appendicitis, diarrhea, bumps and bruises

2018-03-31 11:12:01

Weight loss prescription, treatment of appendicitis, diarrhea, bruises after the bruising blood stasis does not scatter prescription


"One hundred try and one hundred test weight loss small prescription"; Clinical trial and effect of weight loss test formula, is recommended to everyone, accompanied by constipation, tongue red fur yellow or greasy, after TCM differentiation of spleen deficiency wet winner, especially effective. If you drink this tea, you will lose weight for 30 days. Welcome to recommend, reprint, trial. The prescription is as follows: Panax Notoginseng 5g, rose 3g, Honeysuckle 2g, Radix pseudostellariae 5g, Radix ophiopogon 5g, Sichuan Army 5g, orange peel 5g, raw hawthorn 5g, lotus leaf 5g, Cassia 10g, raw Astragalus 10g, Rhizome 20g, aloe 5g (this is the amount of medicine for one day). In the morning, add 500 milliliters of water to boil and take for one day. After 30 days of continuous use, it is generally effective in 90% of people


A prescription for appendicitis; Have cured many patients on the verge of operating table, see people widely spread, benefit sentient beings, can not seek profiteering. 1, Patrinia 50g. 2, attached tablet 30 grams. 3, Job's tears 30 grams. For a piece of medicine. Three kinds of medicine boiled water or decoction, decoction effect is better, when drinking water. This medicine is very cheap, it used to be more than one yuan, but now the price has risen, maybe. Depending on the patient, it can be cured with a few sets of drugs. Please use under the guidance of Chinese medicine


Prescription to cure diarrhea; Diarrhea (diarrhea) with fenol ester two grains of plain water to take 3 times a day, children a grain or half a grain, generally a good, than hanging water effect, but also cheap a bottle of 100 grains only a few dollars, the hospital generally will not give to eat fenol fat, the reasons are clear.


Treating blood stasis after bump bump does not scatter prescription; The experiment is quite effective. Take the old eggplant (yellow long shape is better), tear it with the hand into the thickness of the index finger strip (do not commit iron). Dried (skin, flesh, seeds with whole) with tiles or old ballast and ground into fine powder. Take 15 grams of rice wine before going to bed, and take slight drunkenness as the degree. Usually 1-3 days of resolution. Ordinary food can do such a thing. It's really intriguing!

Matters needing attention

The above remedies should be used under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine