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Werewolf kill all the great crisis walkthrough

2018-03-17 01:36:52

Today's experience and everyone talk about the werewolf killing of all the big crisis strategy, hoping to help friends in need.


Check and kill template here the prophet, checked and killed last night. Let me first talk about the Y of the jump prophet with me, his speech has the following problems: First, he hesitated for two seconds before the applicant after the jump prophecy, which is a Wolf prophecy that is not prepared for the mentality of the applicant, as a true prophecy, it is impossible to forget who the inspector is. Second, when he talks about the knife method reported by the witch, he has a certain dissatisfaction, the mentality is "and there is no knife to your witch's head you open the rescue, I think the knife will not die", and the method of talking about the knife is not a true prophetic mentality. As for his A, it is difficult for me to judge because he has spoken too little, and I need to listen to his speech for another day. My reason for testing X is that blablabla, X has not yet spoken, and there is a high probability of confessing the people to lower my prediction. B's speech in BC is better and C's speech is worse. Since I already have two wolves here, I got the sheriff to check C in order to kill and fill the Wolf pit.


Check the template here soothsayer, last night's check X was mine. (X) If you are under the police, you can say that the police cannot retreat. If you are on the police, you can say X you can put your hands down and don't mess with the good guys! Why do I test X? The reason for testing him is blablabla... I want you to speak up and not bring me down as a prophet. Tell me about my badge flow, the first test with my jump prophet or check and kill, why to check his check and kill? I am afraid that the Wolf will step on the Wolf, if the Wolf steps on the Wolf, he will lose the investigation and killing naturally with me, and it will be difficult to plate him when the Wolf pit is finally set. The second badge test W (give a person you think can lead the team, and say why). This is the soothsayer! The water doesn't return! The prophet must have a jump, not you are a real prophet or Wolf welding jump can apply the above template, according to the actual situation to create, then your speech will be perfect, and there is no logical hole!


Civilian speech template Police identity fraud template here last night to test T (police you finished the next), is to kill. Badge flow Z, X test (Z, X are two people behind T, or other people you want to test), not back water, over! (In case of identity fraud, you can see the status of T's police speech, or wait until you think the prophet comes forward, then choose to withdraw the water. Fraudulent identity, must not have been just on the police, easy to confuse the good perspective.


When the police spoke, I felt that X and W two prophets spoke (say what you think about the good or bad of the two prophets' speeches), so my badge voted for (no vote) X (W). (Speaking in advance) Because of speaking in advance, there is no information passed! (after speaking) In front of A, H, D's speech, their speech logic is not the same as I think (what else is bad), the prophet can go to test them! Listen to the prophet!


(When someone steps on you or the holes in your speech step on you back and forth) This Q to play my logic is not valid, I can not sit here Wolf card. Why? First of all, on the first day of speech, my logic and perspective are correct (talk about the original intention of the speech), S's logic speech is worse than me, you don't step on him but talk about me? Secondly, R recognizes my good identity, and R's identity is also very good. So you're stepping on me because you think we're double wolves? Finally, your speech as a whole is looking for resistance, or many people have been stepped on by you, your perspective is not clear, the identity is the people and the people below.


(On the first day, choose a divine position, help God block the knife, and wait until the real God comes out, withdraw the water) Here is a good identity, temporarily occupy a god pit, is not God you have to guess. A prophet doesn't have to test me. Waste it. You can choose between R, T and Y, none of them speak very well. Right now, that's all you can see. It's over! These statements you still can't learn, Xiaobian has another trick! You say what you think or what you understand. Even if you have some small deviations, after the game is over, you can also ask other players to exchange experience! If it is a werewolf Tibetan speech, it can also be applied.

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