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What about the distribution box

2018-05-12 22:24:05

Hundreds of thousands of decoration costs went into, although very tired, the effect of decoration is quite and mind. But the distribution box is too eyesore, do not know how to deal with ah? Since 2006, such calls have increased. Because according to the "National Ministry of Housing on commercial housing distribution box into the household standard provisions" : commercial housing power centralized control distribution box, must be installed in the household in the entrance, channel, living room and other eye-catching and 1.5 meters from the ground within reach... The distribution box is in the house, and it's still so high. Of course there's no way to hide it. In particular, many friends who sell wallpaper will meet that: customers let themselves cover the location of the distribution box to them. This is really hard for everyone. What is this? Ha ha, a closer look, the original painting behind the formal distribution box. The problem of how to deal with the distribution box seems to have been well answered. This is the distribution box decoration. Multifunctional decorative painting for shielding distribution boxes. What other styles do you have? Shu Shu for everyone to sort out some: will such a distribution box decorative painting hanging at home, presumably everyone feels relaxed and happy. Did you get an answer to the question of what to do with the distribution box?