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What are the brands of water purifiers

2018-03-25 12:48:37

What are the brands of water purifiers? What are the precautions for purchasing?


Lishi water purifier Keywords: the power of international giants. Germany Lishi drinking water born, dating back to the last century in the 1970s, Lishi in line with the concept of purification as a service, joint world research institutions for the waters around the world to do research topics, successfully solved the problem of water treatment pollution discharge for countries. Successfully produced the world's first ultrafiltration membrane, the first mineral spring direct drinking machine. And research and development of the world's leading 30 years of technology, Lishi K film, in the home terminal purification has achieved unparalleled achievements. In 2002, it entered China to help Chinese enterprises develop, and in 2009, it entered the market and developed rapidly and successively obtained the first of China's top ten water purifier brands. The product has always had the best reputation among consumers.


Key words: the power of brand. The quality of Midea's water purifiers is not necessarily the best. The United States water purifier wins in the appearance, wins in the United States brand to do the backer, all over the United States after-sales network, can make up for the lack of quality. Perhaps you will feel that the United States in the first heart is unwilling, but in the minds of the people, the United States is absolutely the most attractive, the United States is a appeal, is a belief, is a kind of value identification. Many times we don't have to know what the water purifier is, just need to know what the beauty is enough. Selling point: Big brand, rising buying trend.


Lisheng water purifier Keywords: Dao water purifier. Although it started at about the same time as Qinyuan, it has become an international enterprise in ten years. Lisheng's products are not colorful, so three or five, with a ultrafiltration membrane core in the world, so many people buy its products. You can't accept it, although it is a little stubborn, at least others are on the right path. Lishheng has basically no negative news in the media, and its reputation has been consistent since it was built in 92 years. Selling point: The water yield of ultrafiltration membrane is large, and the purchase trend is stable


Qinyuan water purifier keywords: direct drinking bucket era. In the water purifier industry for more than ten years, the market share also ranks first in the industry. It is always a little regrettable that Qinyuan has the shape of being the boss of the industry, and there is no God to be the boss. Product style is less than a lot, is a little fancy, and the combination of water dispenser and water purifier, made not foreign, barely a non-mainstream. The eldest of the market share into the dwarf of water purifier quality, when the water purifier industry is gradually moving toward rationality, Qinyuan scenery is no longer. Ranked third, is the qualification of it, what will happen in the future is uncertain, but it has made a lot of contributions to the development of water purifiers. Selling point: Low price, declining buying trend


Open energy water purifier Keywords: central water purifier. Kaineng is located in China's most developed economy, the earliest source of water purifiers, poor tap water quality, the current central machine of Kaineng, water softener with an absolute advantage ahead of the peer, of course, this is not enough to show that he has done well. In fact, the central machine with activated carbon and alloy filter material as the core seems to lack a healthy heart that can run for a long time. How far I can go depends on how long this heart beats. Selling point: The whole house clean water, stable purchase trend


Key words: water purifier. There is no denying that in the field of water fountains, you are very strong, but in the field of water purifiers is very weak. Between the water dispenser and the water purifier, they seem to be particularly wandering, too attached to and rely on the water dispenser, so that they themselves did not distinguish between the water purifier and the water dispenser. It's a phase characteristic of the industry and it's a phase characteristic of them. It is not the quality or the product or the service are general, do not compete ahead of people, do not lag behind people. For so many years, the water cooler has been giving people the feeling of gnawed old capital, and sometimes it is not necessary to ask whether it is asleep in the lukewarm market, where is the edge of the past? Selling point: Customers brought by the water dispenser brand, the purchase trend is stable


Spring water purifier Keywords: kitchen water purifier. Spring infatuates with the research and development of kitchen water purifier, the style is only a little more than Lisheng. The advantage of less style is focus, the result of focus is high quality, in recent years, the weight of Quanlai water purifier in the market has increased, and customer complaints have been greatly reduced. Spring to the enterprise with Ouyang Kwai will have a very introverted characteristics, spring to the tough and low-key, creating a water purification industry a little lonely, but a little special spring culture. Selling point: Kitchen water purifier, large water output, rising purchase trend


Dalton water purifier Keywords: ceramic filter water purifier. Ceramic filter water purifier has been eliminated in the Chinese market, but can survive in the Dalton family, although the filtration accuracy is low, only the effect of filtering sediment, but can not help but admire the specificity of Dalton water purifier, but the focus to the end often makes the enterprise can not develop, the essence of professional product progress can strengthen the market update on the basis of. Selling point: Ceramic filter water purifier, imported brand. Buying trend down


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Shuili is a pre-filter based water purifier, and the pre-filter is more prominent in automation. Due to the lack of technology in drinking water, the main focus is now on products in the front and central water purification.

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