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What are the characteristics of DW22-300/100X single hydraulic pillar for mining

2018-04-19 04:48:15

DW22-300/100X single hydraulic prop for mining


DW22-300/100X single hydraulic prop for mining


Single hydraulic prop


Large working stroke, low safety management cost: each specification can replace 2-4sh08 specifications of the traditional piston type single pillar, reducing the frequency of replacing different types of single pillar due to the change of mining height of the working face and the change of the roof and floor of the roadway, reducing the labor intensity of workers and the additional backup number of pillars.


High support strength, good safety and stability: the pillar has no bearing weld, while the pillar adopts the principle of suspension technology, the suspension force generated by high pressure liquid directly acts on the top cover end, reaching four-fifths of the working resistance, and the force of the column is only one-fifth, which greatly improves the stability and partial load capacity of the pillar support.


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Long service life, easy operation and maintenance: the overall structure is simple, long service life; Easy to operate, easy to maintain, can greatly reduce the support well lifting and maintenance rate.

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