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What are the characteristics of plastic building formwork equipment

2018-04-29 04:48:57

Compared with other steel and wood templates in the same industry, the new plastic building template produced by Sanzu has many advantages: light weight, it is more suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings and Bridges; The maximum surface width is 1250*2500mm, reducing the number of joints and improving the efficiency of the die. (1) Good strength performance, turnover times of more than 50 times (2) stable quality, the product does not warp, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, boiling for 24 hours without opening glue. Can be according to, can be nailed, can be thrown, summer does not deform, does not expand, rainy days do not skin in winter is not brittle. (3) Easy demoulding, demoulding time is 1/7 of the steel die. (4) The surface is smooth, easy to release, easy to clean and maintain, no release agent, the template surface after use is non-stick cement, the template does not need to be cleaned (5) can greatly reduce the construction period. (6) Corrosion resistance, no pollution of concrete surface. (7) Good thermal insulation performance, conducive to winter construction. (8) Can do the template of the variable plane. (9) Good construction performance, nail, saw, drilling and other performance is better than bamboo plywood, wood template, small steel mold, can be processed into various shapes of templates according to construction needs.