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What are the characteristics of the resort experience consumption

2018-02-16 04:48:00

Tianyue Bay Resort is a collection of catering, accommodation, entertainment, leisure as one of the commercial complex, in addition to enjoy the seaside style, but also gathered a variety of characteristic commercial formats, play, you can enjoy music, food, health and other services. Tianyue Bay Resort creates the island's first themed style commercial street, excellent leisure and entertainment experience, to meet the needs of resort residents and tourists leisure experience.


1. Le Jia large-scale wedding photography experience has introduced a first-class photography team and large-scale professional studio equipment, you can customize the special, relying on beautiful scenery, with photos will be happy moments freeze, with the shutter record happy time.


2. Sentosa Health Club nearly 1500 square meters of high-end Marine health SPA club, the use of international professional SPA five sense therapy, integration of extensive and profound traditional Chinese health culture, in the sound of the waves, taste health tea, feel the care of nurses, wandering in the gauze curtain, candlelight, rattan art, fragrance of the space, put down fatigue, wake up the real feeling of the body.


3. Cross-boundary music bar creates a nautical theme situation, sit on the second floor of the open sea viewing platform, under the star curtain light, enjoy the charm of the sea at night, the gentle and gentle sound of the sea as accompaniment, enjoy the live band singing up close, and drink a cup of Martell, which makes you feel free.


4. Go, outdoor equipment rental mainly serves to provide outdoor enthusiasts with: bicycle, battery car, mountaineering, camping, self-driving, outdoor camping adventure outdoor equipment rental, to achieve customers one-stop convenient rental, enjoy the beauty of nature, enjoy the free travel life.


5. Combining advanced international fast food models to achieve the goal of balanced nutrition, Tien Yue Restaurant searches for classic dishes from around the world, and then uses steaming, boiling, roasting, stir-frying and other methods to fully demonstrate the local cuisine, which is healthy, delicious and affordable.


6. Fish and Fish restaurant is hosted by professional chefs, authentic Korean flavor, selected quality ingredients, strong Korean style, suitable for couples dating, family gatherings, friends dinner, leisure.


7. Yoyo Fast Food adheres to the quality of catering services, authentic ancestral "spicy and delicious", whether it is a normal meal or a midnight snack, drink with three or five friends, enjoy delicious lobster, suitable for lovers dating, family gatherings, friends dinner.


8. The Mediterranean design style of the Big Ship Cafe has soft music, a lot of books, wooden structure decoration, yellow lampshade, travel photo wall around the world, Europe, activity chalkboard can organize activities for the donkey friends, enthusiasm small two, authentic single products plus delicious desserts, the sun shines on the table, a lazy day spent here.


9. Yo Yo Workshop makes creative T-shirts, handmade DIY, and all kinds of beach toys, night glow toys, and claw machine experience.

Matters needing attention

1. Report fake goods and forced consumption to the resort village Committee


2. Don't overspend and waste