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What are the cheekiest zodiac boys in pursuit?

2018-04-08 08:00:49

Like to speak out boldly, to a person is a very courageous thing. But if you don't know how to advance and retreat, think that pestering and beating can win the other person's heart, then you are wrong. Such behavior will not only be rejected by the other party, but also may be listed as a blacklist, now let's take a look at the twelve constellations of men, who is the most brazen suitor?


Aries itself is more ambitious, impulsive personality they often like to accept challenges, and as long as it is their own decision, it will be implemented. Aries in love is also a rampage type, once in love will be desperate to catch up first. Even if the other party is very difficult to catch, they will still spare no expense, use all kinds of exaggerated pursuit techniques, as long as the day is not caught, is not easy to give up. So it's no exaggeration to say that Aries are unbeatable suitors, but if you want to lose them, the best way is to ignore them. Over time, Aries people will automatically give up the relationship because they are boring themselves.


Aquarius men themselves are very easy to indulge in their own crazy things, for the feelings are quite persistent once they fall in love, they will be desperate to get each other's heart. Even if they know they have no chance to be with each other, they will continue to pursue each other. The most common pursuit tactic of Aquarius is to stick to each other's side, such as downstairs in the other's house every day, or try to pretend to meet each other in a place unexpectedly. In short, any chance they get to talk to each other, they take it. However, if you want to get rid of Aquarius, the best way is to find someone to pretend to be your lover, so that Aquarius will not want to be the third party, and will be willing to give up the relationship.


Gemini male Gemini personality is naive and cheerful, competitive heart of them, almost everything is holding a strong exploration interest, for love is the same. As long as Gemini falls in love with each other, it will actively pursue, but they are too optimistic, often unable to understand each other's implied rejection. If the pursuer does not reject him directly and clearly, the Gemini person will think that the other person is just too embarrassed to accept, or is keeping them in suspense. In this way, not only mistakenly think that they are very hopeful, but also will chase more vigorously, so if you want to reject the pursuit of Gemini, you must say it directly, so that they can die this heart.