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What are the conditions to meet the interior environment design

2018-04-25 09:36:19

In the design process of fine wine, indoor environment design is mainly the design and design of indoor temperature, heating, ventilation, dry and wet adjustment, physical environment such as sound, light and heat, psychological environment such as atmosphere and artistic conception, cultural connotation (national characteristics and regional characteristics) and other cultural environment. These four aspects are the main components of interior design, in fine wine design is indispensable, each factor is related to each other; In the design thinking, we must think about each factor one by one, and carry out comprehensive coordination, in order to achieve the perfect state of interior design. The specific design content is:


① Interior style design: The use of historical context, regional culture, nature and other fine wine design elements to complete personalized design.


② Interior space design: interior interface, interior component design.


③ Indoor lighting design: indoor electric light source and combination design. Space flow line, room lighting, lighting composition.


④ Interior color design: interior interface color, interior furniture color, environmental color design.


⑤ Interior furniture design: the role and classification of furniture in the interior space, the style and school of furniture, etc.


⑥ Interior decoration design: In the process of fine wine design, the interior decoration design mainly includes the role of interior decoration, the selection and layout of furnishings, and the research on the matching of the style theme, spatial scale and ornamental effect of the furnishings and the space in which they are located.


Indoor physical environment design: generally refers to the creation of artificial environment, including the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning HVAC system, especially the factors that can enhance the physical and psychological comfort of the human body need to be considered and designed.


⑧ Interior logo design: Logo design for various departments and special function locations of fine wine design, including warning signs and graphic signs. In terms of fine wine design, with the development of society and the progress of science and technology, there will be many new contents. For those engaged in interior design, although it is impossible to master all the contents involved, according to the interior space with different functions, they should also be familiar with the corresponding basic contents as much as possible, understand the environmental factors closely related to the interior design project and have a relatively large impact, and take various factors into account proactively and consciously in the design. And with the relevant professional coordination and close cooperation, effectively improve the internal quality of interior space environment design.