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What are the domestic computer operating systems

2018-05-09 16:00:12

With the continuous development of computer industry, many different computer operating systems have been developed in our country




The systems that have been developed in our country are: 1. Deep Linux (deepin) 2. UbuntuKylin (an open source project supported and led by China CCN Joint Laboratory) 3. Winning the bid (NeoKylin); (Galaxy and Pricewaterhousecoopers announced a brand merger on December 16, 2010) 4. 5. Starting operating system (StartOS original Rain forest wind OS); 6. Condensate Rock safety operating system; 7. Co-create Linux; 8. Sipple operating system; 9. Sinotech Fangde Desktop operating system 10. PWC Linux (I-soft OS); 11.RT-Thread RTOS12. Zte new Fulcrum operating System 13. springLinux15.linux (redflag linux) 16.Veket Linux17.UOS (Unxin Operating System) 18.AliOS (Cloud system) (original Yun OS) 19.PhoenixOS (System) 20.JideOS (System) (formerly remixOS)


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