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What are the famous tourist spots to visit?

2018-03-01 19:12:00

There are many, many interesting places, what are the specific, everyone and I have a look at.


Shan Shan's fame does not need me to say more, China's Buddhist holy land, is also a famous tourist area.


One of the five mountains, I was summer to go, the mountain as if in the clouds, the scenery is particularly beautiful, high mountains.


Xuankong Temple is at the foot of the mountain, as the name suggests, hanging in the middle of the temple, well known to go to oh.


Yungang Grottoes is one of the largest grottoes group in China and is a key cultural relic protection unit in China. It's worth a visit.


Qiaojia compound Qiaojia compound with the popularity of movies and TV plays also in the rise of fame, if you come to see.


Hukou Waterfall The magnificent Hukou Waterfall must be personally visited to feel its charm, the beauty of nature is really beyond words.


Yanmen Pass Yanmen Pass in the Warring States period can be called the first nine plug, if you come here to play, it is worth the trip.

Matters needing attention

Travel to pay attention to safety, and money protection, the above is personal opinion, only for your reference.