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What are the fun places to travel with your boyfriend?

2018-03-03 04:48:00

With the increasing living standards, more and more people choose to travel, especially the lovers who are in love, if you do not know where to play I can recommend you to travel, located in the southernmost part of the island, it belongs to the tropical Marine monsoon climate, the climate is suitable, there are many famous attractions such as Asia, bay, cape, etc., very suitable for lovers to travel. It's very romantic.

Scenic spot

Cape, located in the province. The climate is tropical oceanic monsoon climate. It is a national AAAA scenic spot. Open from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The climate there is suitable, and it is recommended that tourists play for about four to five hours. His ticket price is 95 yuan per person in the high season, and 80 yuan per person in the low season. It's a very romantic place.


The Bay Resort is a very romantic place. It has a subtropical climate. Opening hours are all day and admission prices are free. It is recommended that the tourist travel time is about four hours. Every year from October to March of the following year, is the most suitable season to go there. At the same time, there are a lot of food to go there to play, but also a romantic and beautiful place.


Asia is located in the eastern suburbs of the province. It has a tropical monsoon climate. It is also a national AAAA scenic area. There are many famous attractions there. There are tropical paradise forest Park, underwater world, bird's Nest resort and so on. Visitors are advised to stay around four to five hours. Ticket price, the beach itself does not need a ticket, the price of a sub-package ticket is 69 yuan. You can go there and play


Coconut rice is a dish and a home-cooked dish. Its taste, fragrance with sweet, coconut rich, sweet and refreshing. It is made from coconut, glutinous rice and cooking oil. It contains rich vitamins and high nutritional value. Its effect can warm the qi, tonifying the kidney and strengthening the Yang, to be sure to taste. Among the food, coconut rice is a unique delicacy.


Powder is a unique snack. Its main ingredients are rice noodles and gravy sauce. It is made with many kinds of garnishes. It does not contain any preservatives. It is a kind of cold dish with high nutrient content. Men, women and children can eat. Taste delicious and refreshing, taste very strong, soft and delicious, you can go to taste.


The International Doll Festival is a cultural festival. It was held from January 1 to February 28, 2014, at Xishan Square in Lulugang. During the International Doll Festival, Garfield's 35th anniversary was the first time to be displayed in China. He promoted the development of countries. At the same time, it also promotes the cultural exchanges between different countries.


The college was founded in 2005. It is a private university. It belongs to ordinary undergraduate colleges and provinces and cities jointly build universities. His main department is the provincial Department of Education. It is the first full-time general undergraduate college in the city. The current head of the college is President Lu Dan. His faculties include School of Finance, School of Science, School of Technology, School of Foreign Languages, School of Tourism Science and so on. It's a very good college.


Air Tourism Vocational College was established in 2005. Its location is 218 Province Road. It belongs to the second batch of national modern apprenticeship pilot units. There are 33 higher vocational specialties. The current chairman and principal is Yang Hantao. Its school motto is to be virtuous and bright, to learn and to innovate. His school philosophy is that everything is for the quality of talent training and service employment. It's a very good school.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to environmental hygiene


Behave civilly