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What are the functional categories of toys?

2018-03-27 12:48:40

In general, children's toys are designed and manufactured for children of a specific age, and their characteristics are related to the age and intellectual stage of the child. The premise of using children's toys is that children have certain adaptability.




Beach toys Beach toys are cheap and are one of the beneficial toys for children to play outdoors. Can develop children's hands-on awareness, enhance children's imagination and hands-on ability.


On the basis of improving children's cognitive ability, game toys cultivate children's hands-on and brain ability, develop their thinking ability, exercise their operational skills and hand-eye coordination.


While training children's Mosaic ability, the digital abacus text class carries out large-scale exercises, trains children's fine movements, inspires children to accurately understand the shape, quantity and quantity, and then exercises the flexibility of muscles.


The tool class mainly lets the child know and master the shape, color and structure of various tools. In the process, the child's practical skills and hand-eye coordination are trained, and imagination is developed.


The puzzle combination classes develop children's spatial imagination and good hands-on skills, thereby deepening their rational understanding of time, animals, vehicles, and the shapes and colors of houses.


Building blocks stimulate children's interest in hands-on games and cultivate children's understanding of reasonable combination and spatial imagination; Clever resistance design, exercise children's walking ability, encourage children to create a sense of achievement.


Based on this, transport toys train children in the ability to assemble, drag and organize, improve hands-on awareness and self-care skills by improving their knowledge and understanding of the structure of trains, automobiles and various engineered vehicles; And understand the transformation relationship between objects through assembly.

Matters needing attention

Children's toys should be divided according to the age of children: such as 0-3 years old, 3-7 years old, 7-10 years old, 10-14 years old.