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What are the hazards of feeding cats, dogs and pets at home?

2018-01-01 17:36:00
Many people want to keep a pet at home, or have already raised a pet, all want to know what is harmful to us on the pet bacteria, parasites, let's take a look at its prevention and control measures.

Toxoplasma gondii: Long parasitic in the small intestinal epithelial cells of cats, with the excrement, so be sure to clean up the feces of the animal in time, avoid pet contact with the outside world during pregnancy, do not feed raw meat. Get your shots in time.


Hookworm: cats and dogs and other pets are easy to carry, and pets should often be inoculated and removed from parasites. Blood test for infection.


Lice and fleas are also easy to get on your pet during a walk, so daily care is also important.


To take care of pets often, feed special food, regular vaccination.

Matters needing attention

If there are pregnant women at home, it is best to keep the pet at a friend's house and pick it up after giving birth.