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What are the interesting places

2018-03-29 09:36:48

It can be said that it is one of the most prosperous cities in our inland, worthy of being the magic city and the fashion capital, where we can feel what is developed and fashionable, but also see friends from all over the world, although under a tall building, but her charm will be deeply impressed you, and then take you to understand what fun place


The Bund is a very beautiful place, the night scene here will definitely shock you, to the Bund to play, must choose the night, mainly to see the night scene, here you can enjoy the beauty of the other side of the yellow, at the same time remember to do a ferry, enjoy the night scene here, I believe that you are in the yellow and then see the night scene of the Bund, it is really an absolute enjoyment


Road Every holiday, the people here are really special, but as a landmark pedestrian street, you must go, here you will experience the old cultural culture, you can eat a lot of food, you can also consume a lot of clothes and electronic goods


City God Temple is different from other places, here the city God Temple brings together all kinds of famous food, cheap, if it is to eat a handful of snacks, this place is definitely your first choice, of course, you can go here to burn incense, many wishes


Xujiahui here is one of the most prosperous business, come here, first of all your feeling is a high-rise, really have a sense of not seeing the day, if you want to buy some luxury goods, the conditions here must be able to meet you, or like romantic you, you can experience high-end catering services here


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum here is a wax museum, after entering you can find that everyone inside is doing only wonderful, as if you are in and a group of real celebrities passed by, very lifelike, here you will appreciate the art of wax


Happy Valley here can be said to be China's first chain theme park, this place is the children's paradise, of course, everyone can experience different projects, you can do exciting roller coaster, scary elevator, happy time carousel and so on


This information is taken from experience without authorization