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What are the main types of celebrations held

2018-04-08 03:12:47

The birth of celebration activities is a public relations thematic activity held for social organizations to celebrate a major event. Is to commemorate or celebrate something and appear, now there are many companies are doing celebration activities, what activities or need to do celebration? Let's take a look at what are the main types of celebrations held in general


Festival celebrations include statutory festivals (National Day, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, etc.) and the anniversary or anniversary of the establishment of a specific unit, such as "school celebration", "celebration" and so on. This kind of celebration can not only expand the social impact, but also summarize the work of the previous period and take the opportunity to seek the media to promote the image of the social organization.


Commencement and completion ceremony Commencement and completion ceremony include the foundation laying of a new facility, the completion of a new facility, the opening of a business ribbon cutting, the opening of a traffic completion ceremony, and even include the conversion, relocation and completion of the entire (installation) repair of social organizations, as well as the opening of branch offices. The opening ceremony is different from the commemoration, which points to the past, while the opening ceremony points to the future, marking the beginning of the work of social organization or a new turning point. This kind of celebration is the first time for social organizations to appear in society, hoping to attract the attention of the public and society.


Other anniversaries, such as Quality Service Day, Bird Week, Quality Month, Year, etc., are often marked by ceremonies or ceremonies to connect with the public, enhance public awareness and understanding of the organization, enhance visibility and reputation, and seek media coverage.