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What are the must-have workplace etiquette?

2018-02-23 09:36:00

People float in rivers and lakes, which can not get a knife ah, the workplace is like rivers and lakes, it is difficult to have a foothold without two brushes, and then go to see the workplace etiquette that must be observed in the workplace.


There is no gender divide between workplace etiquette and social etiquette. Holding a door open for a woman is not necessary in the workplace and may even offend the other person. Remember: In the workplace, men and women are equal. Secondly, make consideration and respect for others your guiding principles.


Shaking hands is the physical contact between people, which can leave a deep impression on people. When we feel uncomfortable shaking hands with someone, we often think of that person's negative sea-side character traits. A firm handshake and eye contact will set the stage for positive communication. Ladies, please note: In order to avoid misunderstandings during introductions, it is best to extend your hand first when greeting people.


In many modern days, email is filled with jokes, spam and personal notes, and not much work related. Remember, email is a form of professional correspondence, and there is nothing unserious in a professional letter.


If there is no doubt that someone has been offended, apologize sincerely and express the apology you want to express. Do not make a big deal of your mistake, otherwise it will only expand its destructive effect and make the recipient of the apology more uncomfortable.


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Matters needing attention

Xiao Bian believes that strong women should not blindly imitate the clothing of men, but should have a "good mentality to be a woman", give full play to the unique flexibility of women, and sweep the arbitrary dictatorship of men.