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What are the signs before the earthquake?

2018-05-06 20:48:43

We must all know that earthquakes are terrible, but we can do nothing about them. But there will be signs before the earthquake, and today Xiaobian will tell you what signs there are before the earthquake.


1. Before the earthquake, an unusually large number of snakes crawled out of the hole and migrated long distances; Poultry and livestock do not eat or drink, howl more than, do not enter the nest circle; A large number of mice come out during the day, not afraid to chase, etc.


This information comes from experience


3, before the earthquake appeared light and sound in a short time before the earthquake, the earth often suddenly issued a color or strong light, may also emit a rumbling bang.

Matters needing attention

To be safe, it's better to trust it than not, and it's always better to be cautious.