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What are the symptoms of premature babies?

2018-03-15 06:24:14

Early understanding of the relevant theoretical knowledge of premature infants can better prepare for many uncertain factors in the future, so that premature infants can grow more healthy and worry-free.


Body temperature. The earlier the premature baby is born, the thinner the skin, imperfect growth of subcutaneous tissue, poor body temperature regulation, and underdeveloped sweat gland function, which easily lead to high body surface temperature. Some babies are incubated in a dark box for some time.


Immunity. Premature babies have poor resistance to infection, and even minor infections can lead to extremely serious consequences, such as sepsis. Injections of immunoglobulins and necessary antibiotics can prevent and control infection.


Breathe. Breathing may be irregular and weak, and there will be symptoms of weak milk pumping and swallowing, accompanied by easy milk choking, diarrhea, abdominal distension, etc. Severe cases may require artificial respiration or medical assistance.


Liver function. Immature liver function can lead to jaundice, body bleeding, close attention, early screening and treatment is the key.


Development. In the case of normal medical testing, the development of premature infants is relatively slow at first, and later there will be catch-up physical development, and the mother has sufficient breastfeeding is the premise of good development (sometimes with breast milk additives), and when the month is older, the baby can be combined with reasonable limb training to enhance its physique.

Matters needing attention

Under normal circumstances, the survival rate of premature infants over seven months is close to 100%, as long as the parents' mental visit and proper care, healthy growth is no problem.


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