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What are the triangular Windows of a car for

2018-04-20 06:24:42

The A pillar and C pillar of the car will basically have a triangular window, and many people may just notice it, but they do not know what the role is? Today, Xiaobian will introduce the role of the car triangle window.




Triangle window

Method/Steps: A pillar triangle window

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When we learn mathematics, we all know that triangles have stability, and the triangular window of the car also has this function, and the triangular window has a good effect on the stability of the entire frame of the car.


The triangular window next to the A-pillar can also stabilize the window and the glass lifting guide rail, making the two more parallel, so that the glass will be smooth and stable when lifting.

Method/Step 2: C-pillar triangle window

There are two common types of triangular glass Windows in the C-column. One is connected with the door, and the other is connected with the C-pillar, and the function of the two is similar.


The triangular window installed on the door can broaden the field of view of the rear passengers, especially when the passengers get off the bus, they can observe whether there are vehicles and pedestrians next to them, greatly increasing safety.


In addition to stabilizing the structure of the car as well as the triangular glass of the A-column, it can also increase the beauty of the car and increase the lighting inside the car.