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What are the uses of plastic wrap

2018-04-20 14:24:48

Plastic wrap looks like a thin layer of plastic paper, kitchen supplies, mainly used to keep food fresh, but the role of plastic wrap is not only to keep food fresh, the use of plastic wrap in life can be much, today to talk about what specific uses plastic wrap has.


Although weight loss cling film is only a thin layer of plastic film, because it is not breathable, so obese people use it to lose weight, use it to burn fat in the body, with a variety of methods to consume human heat, long-term adherence to this method can achieve the purpose of weight loss.


Home air conditioning, TV and other remote controls exposed to the outside for a long time will be covered with dust, and sometimes may accidentally sprinkle water and other liquids, but if you use plastic wrap to wrap these remote controls, not only will not affect the use, but also allow the remote control protection as new.


Keyboard protective film because it is transparent and thin, so use it to wrap the laptop keyboard, you can prevent dirty things fall into the keyboard, play a role in protecting the keyboard does not affect the use of the keyboard, is not an economic and affordable way to try it.


You can wear non-slip shoes for a long time, the sole is more easy to slip, you can wrap several layers of plastic wrap in the sole, has a good anti-slip effect, the home mat is easy to slide, you can first stick a layer of plastic wrap on the ground, and then put the mat on the top of the plastic wrap, this can also be effective anti-slip.


Protect the stove because there are often stains and oil stains on the stove, every time after frying the food hygiene will be particularly troublesome, we can first paste a layer of plastic wrap on the stove, dirty directly tear off the plastic wrap to throw away, so as to save the time of hygiene, the stove has been protected.


Wrap data can also save the data, you want to store the photo plastic, in fact, you can use plastic wrap instead of plastic, the same can keep the photo well, some important information you can also use plastic wrap sealed up, so as not to be soaked by water.