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What are the world's famous motorcycles? What are the world's famous motorcycles

2018-03-31 08:00:06

In 2005, nearly 500 different models of motorcycles from 36 manufacturers were listed in the annual selection of the famous American motorcycle magazine CYCLEWORLD. The judges selected 10 of the best two-wheeled locomotives that combine energy, efficiency, passion and superior performance as the top 10 motorcycles of the year. Yamaha followed GP's success with three of the best! Note that we all have a hidden side, a voice says, "more power", "fast corners", "better than everyone else", in fact, we desire these at the same time, we need more smooth, comfortable driving, can enjoy the fun that suits us, and at the very least - practical. The success of the British Triumph SPEEDTRIPLE, it has accurate suspension system, radial braking, super 1050cc engine and undisturbed electronic fuel injection system (nothing more crazy than this), sports car like driving and turning, off-road vehicles, SUVs can play the balance of the rear wheel in advance of the wheel, roadside scenery... That looks great! Best middleweight streetcar Yamaha YZF-R6 Remember what Dorothy said in TheWizardofOZ? "It comes and goes! The same phrase could be used to describe a mid-weight superbike. It's rare to see a single model that can sustain a quarter at the top. Looking at the top motorcycles from the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Yamaha YZF-R6 won this year's heavyweight motorcycle crown, in addition to its beauty, the most important benefit of its handling sensitivity, while 15.500-rpm horsepower also played a very important role. The R6 also won in 1999 and 2003, and if the past is any indication of the future, hopefully it will do so again in recent years. ◆ Best Standard Car Suzuki DR-Z400SM When people say, "This car always reminds me of why I love cars," most people will resonate. To be honest, as motorcycles became more and more of a feature of CYCLYEWORLD, none of us could have predicted that the Suzuki DR-Z400SM, a dual-purpose sports car, would be transformed into a street car with big brakes, inverted front forks and 17-inch front and rear wheels. This medium to light heavyweight single-cylinder car is not too expensive, easy for beginners to handle, and connoisseurs have their own frenetic fun. Ride it freely to change speed, shuttle through city streets, or your favorite country roads. This car can do anything. It makes you smile all over the sky. ◆ Best station wagon BMW R1200RTBMW serious in recent years. In the face of those frank complaints, BMW has done a decent job of keeping its RTTouringBoxer under control. The Bavarians built this beautiful car and made everything 15% better. The weight reduction is undoubtedly good, the 2005 R1200RT long-distance cruise motorcycle is much lighter than the 1150 it replaced, the wind is lighter and quieter, perfect for drivers over 6 feet tall, and the dual ignition anti-knock electronic lighting system makes the driving dynamic. In addition to the enhanced performance of RT, what we really like is that it is flexible but comfortable, wild enough to take risks, high-tech but not monotonous, absolutely great! ◆ Best Sports Estate Ducati MULTISTRADA1000S Most new products need more or less improvement, Ducati's Multistrada is an example. The sport coach had a lot of potential when it was first launched last year, but there were a few glitches. But with a few tweaks to the details, the situation is quite different. In addition to modifying the flapper, Ducati has created the 1000S, a more sporty Multistrada, with speed-quality Ohlins suspension, a fiber-optic front flapper and a striking tapered handle. Imagine driving it abroad for the weekend, sitting cross-legged on endless country roads... ◆ Best Cruiser Harley-Davidson CVOFATBOY When CYCLEWORLD selected the best cruiser at the 2004 Stugas Rally, one car stood out. Harley-davidson's EAGLEFATBOY has already proven that it's worth it, and for an extra $28, you can have fun with the CVOFATBOY. The main structure of the new FatBoy is relatively monotonous. The 103-cubic-inch V-twin engine with two camshafts and eight valves delivers a lot of horsepower, but the body full of chrome and aluminum parts, tinting, planing, nail drilling, trim and so on make the bare machine, painted in two tones, shine. Simple and unadorned, this limited edition motorcycle is probably the most perfect cruise motorcycle we've ever ridden. ◆ Yamaha TT-R125L If you are a late adopter of motorcycles, it is probably your first time riding a bike or your parents or friends forced you to ride a scooter to broaden your horizons, never too late. Not young or older, men or women, novice or connoisseur, will love this Ya Maha TTR 125L. It has plenty of competitors, not least Yamaha's own TTR-230. But they failed to hold on to their top 10 winners in the face of new cars. Low height seats, enough suspension to keep things interesting, and the 125L electric spark engine is a familiar one. ◆ Best off-road vehicle Honda CRF450RCRF continues to set new records for off-road vehicles. Riding it is as comfortable and free as staying at home. This is the fourth year it has won the award, and it has set a quartet score in the top ten motorcycles, meaning that the 450 beats the 1000. Last year we were wondering what the CRF would look like, and Honda replied that there would be a new build, a redesign of the injection system, and overall improvements in handling and engine performance. It shocks our thoughts, can actually have such a perfect off-road vehicle, and what kind of off-road vehicle can be better than it? ◆ Best endurance car Yamaha WR450F ever heard of anything like this? Unplugged or unplugged, the improved WR450F has enough power and is still so quiet that it sounds great. Almost all cars have endured a brutal six-day endurance test, but this agile blue machine stands out for its ease of use, fun to play with and versatility for different road types. It also adds to the good quality of Yamaha. In addition to the top ten motorcycles on the list, there are five classic motorcycles that are also paid by the judges, and these cars with outstanding performance and extraordinary performance are included in the honor roll outside the top ten. Victory HAMME You can find the perfect combination of a curvy, six-speed rear on one car: Victory's new Hammer. On the basis of the previous "S Gas", which won the top 10 motorcycle in 2003, it has been built to be extremely comfortable. The reduced body and 250mm wide wheels make it easy to drive. Victory's greatest value lies in its unique characteristics, which is what we really need now - style. ◆ Is the Harley-Davidson STREEDROD the most powerful counterattack to Harley-haters? We don't know for now, but StreetRod is supposed to be the most powerful rocket car with the best hand feel. The radical reform made it stand out among the well-known Vrods, and those in the know knew that there were more advantages waiting to be discovered, and maybe we could have a better... "If you can't beat it, enjoy it" was Suzuki's mantra when building the RM-Z450, the new, bright yellow four-stroke RM-Z450 is the only off-road model this year that can compete with the Honda CRF450R. In fact, it is very similar to the 2003 Honda CRF. It is also the new favorite of the off-road motorcycle in the business, and many people who have ridden it talk about it when they come back. As we just said, if you can't conquer it, enjoy it! MV Augusta F41000S "Cute look, fun to drive", this is our impression of the Augusta F4 after the 2005 refit. The 150 horsepower support, the radial arrangement of the valves favored by the Italians, and the engine capacity of 1000CC, it is even faster than the rather excellent 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 in our most recent comparative test. In addition to the strong horizontal power, the structure is another magic weapon of F4, the light body, such as lightning speed so that the insects flying in the air were smashed to pieces.