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What brand is good for rice cooker

2018-05-02 03:12:07

Rice cooker, also known as rice cooker, is mainly used for cooking rice, but also can be used to make soup or cook, stew supplements, food and so on. When purchasing a rice cooker, it is necessary to determine according to the family population, and generally a family of four can buy a rice cooker of 500 to 750W. 1. Check the magnetic steel temperature limit device, which is a key part of the rice cooker, located in the center of the electric tray, gently press by hand, should be able to flexibly press and spring back, if there is a stuck phenomenon, it is not suitable for selection; 2. The arc surface of the electric heating plate should be symmetrical and smooth, without obvious knife lines and burrs, and the bottom plane of the inner pan should be smooth and smooth, and the electric heating plate should be closely fitted; 3. The gap between the inner and outer POTS is uniform; 4. The contact of the power plug and socket should be reliable, and it should not be loose or unplugged; 5. The button should be flexible, and the indicator light should be bright immediately after the power is switched on, and there is no flicker; 6. The lid of the pot and the inner pot should be closely matched; 7. The surface of the inner pot should be smooth and clean, and the paint layer of the outer pot should not be hung and dust particles.